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Foto Maximilian Bochenek
21.03.2017 13:13
by Maximilian Bochenek

We've done it: the 10th annual plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress is over and has left us with lots of great memories. Sellers got an inside look at several exciting, new developments for plentymarkets. They also enjoyed listening to informative lectures, strolling through the extensive trade fair and participating in the CodeCamp, which ran parallel to the event. This article takes you on a journey through space and looks at several highlights from the event!

Foto Heidi Pfannes
24.02.2017 09:00
by Heidi Pfannes

Amazon is blazing the trail for personalised recommendations. Their homepage features items that customers are likely to enjoy based on previous purchases and items from their wish lists. Modern technology makes it easy to personalise websites so that customers see individual product recommendations. Even small and medium-sized stores can easily add such features to their websites and begin responding to their customers' individual wishes and needs. The following tips help you give better recommendations - and thus improve your conversion rate.

Foto Heidi Pfannes
10.02.2017 09:00
by Heidi Pfannes

Success isn't just a matter of having the right products. Nowadays, customers want to get a feel for your store and what it represents. Social networks such as Facebook are a good way to reach out to your target group and strengthen your brand image. Your goal should be to continuously improve your performance. And the first step toward improvement is finding out which posts are successful and which ones your target group ignores. Facebook comes equipped with tools to analyse such data and get the results you're looking for.

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