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30.01.2024 11:30
from Denise Breidenbach

plentysystems Monthly Product News

Our recurring format, the Monthly Product News, again provides exciting insights straight from the plentysystems product world. Learn more on the status quo of current projects, upcoming and successful releases as well as the latest announcements - get all the news here.


Our Product News im Januar

Click on the timestamps below to jump directly to the corresponding part of the video:

Multichannel | Renewal of the Conrad integration (01:40)

In the future, the market Conrad will be integrated directly into plentysystems so that there is no need to install a separate plugin any more. At the same time, we have completely refactored the technological basis of the integration so that you can look forward to considerable performance improvements.
You won’t have to wait long for the start of the beta phase - keep an eye on our forum for updates on this topic.

[RELEASED] Multichannel | Enhancement of Galaxus item export (02:11)

Good news for the export of item data to Galaxus: In addition to numerous existing export possibilities, you can now use several entirely new product data fields for the item export. Refer to the forum to learn more about those specific fields and how to use them.

View the changelog in our forum >

[RELEASED] Multichannel | Metro: Exporting shipping group names (02:27)

New possibilities are also available for the Metro data export: A direct export of shipping group names from plentysystems to the market is now available. Do you want to know more or are you asking yourself which settings you have to carry out? Read more in our changelog.

View the changelog in our forum >

[RELEASED] Multichannel | OTTO Market: oAuth (02:46)

Last December, we already reported on the planned updates for the authentication between plentysystems and OTTO Market. Now, the new OAuth procedure is live for all merchants! Since the old authentication will be shut down on 31 March 2024, we recommend that you switch to the new technology as soon as possible. We have provided detailed instructions and all important information in the forum and in our manual.

View the announcement in our forum >

Go to our manual >

[RELEASED] Item & Stock | New fields for item export (03:16)

The team responsible for item data at plentysystems is continuously working on providing additional data fields for the item export via catalogue. As a result, a number of new fields and thus even more possibilities for exporting data are available now.

View the changelog in our forum >

Business Development | plentyShop: Content Layout Shift (03:42)

Over the past weeks, we took a closer look at the plentyShop to find out how to improve the user experience for the customers in your online shop. The result: Soon, we will provide you with the possibility to make a simple change to the header to avoid unexpected content layout shifts that negatively impact the customer experience.


[RELEASED] Business Development | plentyShop: System tree changes (05:58)

We keep looking for ways to facilitate your work with plentyShop in the plentysystems back end as well. This is why we have made some adjustments to the settings in the system tree that will allow you to access the necessary settings more easily.

View the changelog in our forum >

OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder: Timeline for shutdown (EOL) (08:18)

Our innovative DocumentBuilder has been available for productive use for quite some time now. The next step is to say goodbye to the old document templates. We have published a compact timeline for the shutdown of the individual templates in the forum. As usual, the team in charge of the order documents is happy to support you in case of questions.

View the announcement in our forum >

[RELEASED] CRM | EmailBuilder: Expert mode (09:19)

Do you like having a maximum of control when it comes to the design of your email templates and being able to create customised designs? In that case, the new expert mode of the EmailBuilder is just the thing for you.

View the changelog in our forum >

[RELEASED] CRM | Messenger: eBay integration (09:35)

Yet another highlight awaits you in the Messenger: The market eBay can now be defined as a Messenger group. For you, this means that you can automatically import all customer communication from eBay to plentysystems, allowing you to comfortably reply to conversations directly from the Messenger.

View the changelog in our forum >

CRM | Messenger: Ticket system migration (10:03)

Our goal is to turn the Messenger into your personal cockpit for easy processing of all customer communication. This is why our Messenger team keeps working hard to integrate the previous ticket system into the Messenger. We are proud to announce another milestone in this mission: Beginning of April, the existing tickets of all systems will be migrated to the messenger. With this migration, we not only make sure that all systems comply with legal requirements regarding document retention, but will provide you with additional exciting features that you can look forward to.

[RELEASED] OMS & Automation | Payment: TWINT (CH) Integration (10:52)

Mobile retail knows no boundaries - the Mollie plugin makes this vision come true. The plugin functionality has been extended and now includes the leading payment provider TWINT. Effective immediately, you can accept mobile payments in Switzerland and thus discover new revenue potentials.

View the plugin on plentyMarketplace >

OMS & Automation | DHL REST-API Interface (11:17)

The data exchange between plentysystems and the numerous shipping service providers is one of the cornerstones of a successful fulfilment process. Thus, we are particularly happy about the proactive collaboration between DHL and plentysystems, which guarantees smooth data exchange at all times. As one of the very first DHL partners, plentysystems uses the state-of-the-art REST API interface provided by DHL - meaning that you can always rely on the most modern technology and latest features.

Platform | New central login UI (13:27)

Behind the scenes, we have been working on a new login for your systems. Soon, we will be able to provide you with important features such as multi-factor authentication and a function for recovering passwords. The new login is based on the latest technology to provide you with maximum security. The project is close to the finish line, so we will soon be in touch again with more information and a separate announcement.

Outlook: Product Communication & Roadmap (14:18)

The latest Monthly Product News make it clear once again: There is a lot going on at plentysystems. Especially when it comes to product communication, we want to create an easier way for you to access relevant information such as our roadmap and other announcements. In the upcoming months, we will introduce a brand-new, central information platform for all those types of content. You will be able to find and even track all current and upcoming product developments on one dedicated platform.

The Product News in video format

Watch our video to get insights on the latest topics directly from our Area Product Managers:

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