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Product relaunch: 100% cloud commerce with a free online store!

plentymarkets is composed of different modules. The product configurator allows users to select the modules that they need and to create a product profile that is tailored to meet the needs of their business. And what's even better: The plentymarkets online store includes a responsive design, which can be yours free of charge!


The Cloud is even more flexible!

You can customize the new Cloud to meet your individual needs. Choose how many monthly orders and support minutes should be included: Register now and use our Cloud generator to create a profile of your personal requirements with only a few clicks.

plentymarkets Cloud

Stay up-to-date with the plentymarkets blog!

Never miss a beat with the plentymarkets blog. It provides users with all of the latest information about the plentymarkets software and events. Take a look now!


Our software at a glance.

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plentymarkets is the e-commerce ERP solution that allows you to automatically carry out all of your online business processes. The solution includes a stock management system that was created especially for e-commerce as well as a fully integrated online store. It includes interfaces to all of the major online markets (eBay, Amazon, Hitmeister, Yatego, meinPaket, Rakuten and many more). This way, online sellers are given a wide range of integrated sales channels that can be used automatically. A wide range of payment and shipping service providers are integrated as well. This ensures that the entire e-commerce workflow will run smoothly. plentymarkets also includes a comprehensive statistics module so that online sellers can always keep an eye on their business. The integrated CRM tool helps you communicate with your customers efficiently and provide excellent customer service.

Product overview

Upcoming plentymarkets events.

  • 27. – 29.04.2016
    Internet Retailing Expo 2016 in Birmingham
  • 29.04.2016
    e-Commerce Day in Köln
  • 26. – 27.05.2016
    Onlineseller UK Meetup in London
  • 28. – 30.09.2016
    eCommerce Expo 2016 in London

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E-commerce blog

22.04.2016 11:30 – 3 SEO tips to increase your online store's visibility

All sellers hope that their store will be listed in the first few results on search engines. After all, customers are more likely to click on the first few results when searching for a solution to their problem. This article provides sellers with a few simple tips and tricks for using search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve their store's ranking and make their products more visible.

19.04.2016 09:26 – 3 usability tips to create an ideal mobile commerce experience

The trend is unmistakable: two thirds of all online purchases are made on mobile devices. Sellers can help keep their customers satisfied by using a responsive design for all mobile devices. The following tips help you improve your online store's usability and increase your business' long-term success.

15.04.2016 09:45 – Social Media Management: what is there to learn from interaction rates and reach?

Most online stores actively participate on several social media channels - above all on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Stores use social media to improve customer relationships and interact with their target audience. Facebook is still the most important social network in many countries. This article teaches you what interaction rates and reach really mean, how you can interpret the raw data and how you can continuously improve your store's social media presence.

13.04.2016 09:45 – Usability in e-commerce: Help customers find what they need

Some customers know exactly what they are looking for. Other shoppers may browse through categories in your online store and jump from one product to another. However, they all have one thing in common: they want the checkout process to be quick and easy once they have found what they are looking for. The term usability refers to a store's user-friendliness and to how efficiently, effectively and intuitively customers can use the store. We'll tell you what makes a store user-friendly and how you can put these qualities into practice.

07.04.2016 09:30 – plentymarkets 7 goes Public Beta

plentymarkets 7 is currently in the closed beta stage of development. We're busy working with several sellers who volunteered to help us test all of the functions included in the new version. The public beta stage is on the horizon and the stable version will follow afterwards. This blog entry provides you with information about the current stage of development and includes links to further information about plentymarkets 7.

01.04.2016 09:55 – 3 design tips for more online sales

It takes visitors of your online store mere seconds to judge the desirability of your products. Often, they decide based on their very first, usually visual, impressions. That is why you should not leave your online store's design to chance. Instead, a few basic principles will help you hit the ground running when you start out on your e-commerce journey. Here, we will introduce the three most important principles to get you started.

29.03.2016 09:55 – The 3 biggest mistakes of social media marketing

Nowadays, online stores that want to be successful in e-commerce also need to be present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While it's important to use these channels for social media marketing, it's also important to avoid careless faux pas that could damage your store's social media reputation. This article describes a few common mistakes and how to avoid them.

23.03.2016 09:55 – 3 tips for increasing your shopping cart conversion rate

Only a few clicks away from making a sale. But suddenly the customer has a change of heart and cancels the transaction. Such situations are annoying for customers because they have wasted their time. However, these situations are also annoying for sellers because they have lost a sale and have probably lost a customer forever. We've compiled three tips to help you avoid such situations. By making small improvements to your shopping cart, you can greatly increase your conversion rate.

21.03.2016 14:45 – Content marketing – what good content can do for your online store

Most online sellers have heard about content marketing at one time or another. But many sellers do not understand how this type of marketing relates to e-commerce and they hesitate to use it for their own businesses. This article tells you what content marketing is all about. We'll explain how to use it and how it can benefit your online store.

15.03.2016 14:25 – A wealth of expertise on 7 stages - lectures during the plentymarkets Congress 2016

CEO Jan Griesel kicked off the congress with his annual keynote speech. Directly following his address, the trade fair got under way with over 60 exhibitors. The simultaneous lecture series with nearly 40 presentations from industry experts, agencies and successful online sellers provided visitors with a wealth of information. This article summarises the presentations given by our top speakers and provides you with an overview of the discussions.

15.03.2016 09:45 – plentymarkets plugins and this year's best online store - day 2 at the plenty Congress 2016

Despite rocking at the pre-show party the night before, the audience was wide awake when Jan Griesel kicked off the Congress with his keynote the next morning. Continue reading to find out what he talked about in his speech and who received this year's plenty Award. We've also compiled a summary of all the other speeches and presentations in a separate article.

04.03.2016 17:17 – Discussions, tips and a wealth of knowledge – day 1 of the plenty-Congress 2016

The first day of the plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress was a huge success. The day was packed full of events and discussions. The Future Conference was an open-space event, which gave online sellers the chance to meet up and chat about topics of their choice. Knowledge Day was the perfect opportunity to tap into a wealth of expert knowledge. And the Pre-Show-Party was a chance for sellers to network and relax after a hard day's work. We've compiled all the highlights from the first day of the Congress in this review.

04.03.2016 09:45 – Turning fans into customers - successful Facebook marketing for online stores

Successful online stores know the power of Facebook marketing. Facebook is by far the largest and most important social network in terms of its number of fans, activity and reach. But Facebook marketing needs to be done correctly. It takes more than just simply being on the platform to be successful. The following tips will help you make the most of Facebook - for your own store as well as for your customers.

15.02.2016 14:00 – 4 tips for successful email marketing

When used wisely, email marketing can be a very effective tool for increasing customer loyalty. The right frequency and the right content are crucial factors for success. Here are our top 4 tips for efficiently increasing revenue with email marketing.

27.01.2016 15:41 – Klarna Checkout for better mobile conversion

Klarna Checkout makes mobile commerce quick and easy. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in this day and age. We take them with us on the tube and reach for them during our breaks. But despite the increasing popularity of mobile commerce, such transactions also face their own set of obstacles. Naturally, mobile commerce means that potential customers are on the move. Customers who browse through products on the go lack the time to enter comprehensive payment information and are unlikely to have such credit card and bank information memorised. Klarna Checkout understands this dilemma and only requires customers to enter information that they already know by heart.

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