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    plentymarkets:The most advanced one-stop
    E-Commerce ERP for a successful online business.
    Made in Germany

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The Cloud is even more flexible!

You can customize the new Cloud to meet your individual needs. Choose how many monthly orders and support minutes should be included: Register now and use our Cloud generator to create a profile of your personal requirements with only a few clicks.

plentymarkets Cloud

Introducing plentymarkets to the UK!

plentymarkets is an all-in-one e-commerce solution “made in Germany”. Now, plentymarkets has set up operations in the UK as well. Find out more about how UK sellers can use plentymarkets to manage their businesses locally or begin selling abroad.

Introducing plentymarkets

Stay up-to-date with the plentymarkets blog!

Never miss a beat with the plentymarkets blog. It provides users with all of the latest information about the plentymarkets software and events. Take a look now!


Our software at a glance.

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plentymarkets is the e-commerce ERP solution that allows you to automatically carry out all of your online business processes. The solution includes a stock management system that was created especially for e-commerce as well as a fully integrated online store. It includes interfaces to all of the major online markets (eBay, Amazon, Hitmeister, Yatego, meinPaket, Rakuten and many more). This way, online sellers are given a wide range of integrated sales channels that can be used automatically. A wide range of payment and shipping service providers are integrated as well. This ensures that the entire e-commerce workflow will run smoothly. plentymarkets also includes a comprehensive statistics module so that online sellers can always keep an eye on their business. The integrated CRM tool helps you communicate with your customers efficiently and provide excellent customer service.

Product overview

Upcoming plentymarkets events.

  • 03. – 04.09.2015
    Shopware Community Days in Ahaus
  • 30.09. – 01.10.2015
    eCommerce Expo in London
  • 13. – 14.10.2015
    Internetretailing Conferece in London
  • 20.02.2016
    9th plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress in Kassel

More events

E-commerce blog.

19.08.2015 12:00 – Flubit – the alternative market comes to plentymarkets

Can you guarantee your customers the lowest price? Flubit makes it possible!

Selling a product on Flubit is not a whole lot different than selling on any other market. However, you don't list your products on Flubit in a way where customers are able to see your products and offers. It all works a little bit differently here.

12.08.2015 17:16 – Product relaunch: 100% Cloud Commerce!

plentymarkets was already a Software as a Service (SaaS) long before the cloud became as popular as it is today. Nowadays, the term Cloud Commerce is typically used to describe the connection between cloud computing and e-commerce or e-commerce software that is offered as an SaaS model.

07.07.2015 15:52 – eBay cancellation for impulse buyers

eBay recently gave buyers the ability to request a purchase cancellation within 1 hour of placing an order as long as the order has not been shipped yet. The seller then has 3 days to reply to the request.

24.06.2015 11:35 – plentymarkets at Interop 2015

The UK’s plentymarkets team recently returned from this year’s Interop, formerly known as Internet World UK. Billed as Europe’s largest gathering of tech professionals, this annual 3-day fair was a great opportunity to connect with current and potential clients and partners.

11.06.2015 11:35 – Rakuten.co.uk - a new platform with a lot of potential

The newly integrated Rakuten.co.uk interface expands our variety of distribution channels and does our name justice. Rakuten.co.uk was launched at the end of 2014 and is part of the continuously growing Rakuten network.

02.06.2015 13:43 – Mobile-friendly – the new ranking factor

Is your store already compatible with mobile devices? If you've been thinking about when to make your store mobile-friendly, then now is a great time to get started.

29.05.2015 10:41 – Version 114 of the plentymarkets SOAP API was released

The new SOAP API version 114 was released along with plentymarkets 6.13. As usual, the new version not only includes many new developments, but also several interesting and helpful calls.

22.05.2015 15:01 – Amazon's new return guidelines for international sales

Amazon introduced new guidelines for returns approximately 2 months ago. They make it more difficult for merchants to sell their items internationally. These guidelines require sellers to provide their customers with a local return address or to offer their customers free shipment for returns.

05.05.2015 12:00 – eBay items: Out of stock but still there

Have you heard of or are you already using eBay's out-of-stock option?
Since the end of last year, this eBay function has made it possible for items that are sold out to remain visible even though they can not be purchased.

30.04.2015 11:48 – A small feature with great potential: personal templates for the ticket system

Since the release of plentymarkets 6.7 all users can create personal ticket templates directly in the ticket system. The possibility of creating templates in the ticket system settings and assigning them to users is still only possible for users with rights for the Settings menu.

27.04.2015 14:19 – plentymarkets and Shopware: tighter multilingual integration

We are pleased to announce that the new plentymarkets shopware-Connector 1.7.0 has been released.

24.04.2015 12:14 – Expand internationally with plentymarkets and Fruugo

You want to strengthen your international presence without major temporal and financial expenditure and reach customers all over the world? The marketplace Fruugo makes it possible.

21.04.2015 17:09 – Amazon does not permit HTML tags

Amazon allowed you to use a few HTML tags in your item data until about a year ago. These tags were for creating lists, line breaks and bold font. However, Amazon has changed its policies and no longer permits HTML tags. We want to make sure that you meet Amazon's requirements and avoid being reprimanded. Therefore, HTML tags are no longer transferred to Amazon from the item description and other item data.

08.04.2015 14:55 – It was nice meeting you at IRX 2015

This year was our second time as an exhibitor at the Internet Retailing Expo, also called IRX, in Birmingham. Our entire UK team attended the expo, along with three colleagues from Germany. The IRX hosts over 150 exhibitors and more than 5000 visitors came to catch up on the latest developments in retail business.

04.03.2015 14:30 – Just like magic: the new plentymarkets cloud

In his keynote speech at the 8th plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress, founder and CEO Jan Griesel presented the top four plentymarkets topics. One of the most important innovations relates to the plentymarkets cloud. Take a look at the details.

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