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20.03.2024 14:30
from Ingo Röger

New platform consolidates product communication and user dialogue in a central entity

The introduction of the plentysystems® Product Information Hub represents a significant step towards smooth communication and transparency, now serving as the central entry-point for all information and announcements regarding our software. The new information channel includes an Announcement Feed and a detailed product roadmap, transforming the way we interact and share news. With the completion of this project, our product organization is delivering on an important promise made by Chief Product Officer (CPO) Aye Stephen, who took office in October.

Product communication as the backbone of thriving customer relationships

The dynamic world of e-commerce, characterized by highly individual merchant requirements and rapid, significant technological advances, requires strong adaptability and future-proof product development from tech companies like plentysystems®. Providing customers and users with well-structured and project-relevant information at all times is crucial in order to ensure transparent communication, smooth access to resources, and strategic planning.

'Our ambition is to create an open and collaborative relationship based on trust and mutual understanding,' says Aye Stephen. The Product Information Hub is a consistent contribution to this objective. 'I am delighted that we have made significant progress towards this goal with an innovative technology partner and our highly committed product marketing team'. As a central platform for all information regarding plentysystems®, the Product Information Hub intends to increase the satisfaction among active users, create trust and reflect our innovative strength and commitment.

plentysystems Product Information Hub

Announcements in feed format

The Announcement Feed in the Product Information Hub is the centerpiece of our communication strategy, representing a dynamic source of information that consolidates all news regarding our software and arranges it chronologically. From the introduction of new features to invitations to beta phases and timelines for the discontinuation of outdated functions – all current topics are presented on this user-friendly channel. This also means that announcements are no longer spread across various channels but are collected in one central place.

Tailored notifications directly to the inbox

With the integrated subscription function, email notifications can be set up for individual categories or the entire feed, allowing all interest groups to stay informed without being overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

A roadmap for progress documentation

The detailed Product Roadmap in the Product Information Hub not only provides an outlook on upcoming features but also insights into long-term development plans. The comprehensive overview of projects that are pending, in development, or have already been successfully completed is another step towards transparency. This clear development timeline aims to foster trust and strategic understanding, aligning customer-side strategy planning and expectations. The subscription functions also extend to the roadmap, where notifications for individual entries can be set up.

Innovation through collaboration

In the continuous evolution of plentysystems®, the experience of our users is critical. The feedback and suggestions from our users are invaluable to us, as they promote innovation and sharpen our customer focus. In addition to proactive information about our product development, the Product Information Hub also enables active participation in shaping plentysystems®. By providing feedback and submitting feature requests, contribution to product development is supported. Our dedicated project teams will review and validate the input received, ensuring a collaborative development process.

Start of a new era of product communication

In summary, the plentysystems® Product Information Hub represents a significant step towards open product communication that accompanies new products 'before, during and after release', as Aye Stephen affirms. The consolidated provision of all relevant information on a single channel ensures the transmission of important updates in easily digestible formats. Additionally, it opens up a unique opportunity for collective innovations and direct feedback, allowing the future of our software to be shaped together. The Product Information Hub is available to all active users and employs the new central login with the plentysystems account for authentification.

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