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From the shop software to the shop system and on to the all-in-one e-commerce solution.

Rapid development

plentymarkets started out as a contract job for a few large eBay PowerSellers. The development began in 2001 and initially focused on providing an interface to eBay, the ability to process orders and an online store. Back then, the software was still called plentyShop.
It developed into a shop system very quickly and then it became an all-in-one solution for managing important e-commerce processes such as B2B and B2C, checkout, content management, invoicing, stock management, after sales management, fulfillment and returns.
Since more and more markets were integrated over time, we wanted to emphasize this with a new name for our product: plentymarkets.
We have created the ideal conditions for successful multi-channel distribution with plentymarkets. The all-in-one e-commerce solution makes all of the most profitable markets available to plentymarkets Sellers and allows them the connect to the markets automatically.

Always up to date with the latest technology

plentymarkets is an in-house development and is not based on an open source solution. If you prefer, you can use our available interfaces to connect to a separate online store or stock management system, but you are certainly not obligated to do so as is often the case with other e-commerce or e-fulfillment solutions!
Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and the software's efficient construction, we were able to develop new modules and connect to new markets from the very beginning. By making strict use of object-oriented programming (OOP), the software allows for optimal data encapsulation and hence, an extremely high standard of data security.
plentymarkets is hosted on a secure cluster system; software updates are carried out automatically. As such, users no longer have to worry about technical details. Instead, they can simply concentrate on making sales. plentymarkets users only have to enter their item master data once and plentymarkets will then use this same data for the online store, markets and price search engines. All orders will automatically be imported and can be managed centrally. The plentymarkets checkout process encompasses everything from dealing with incoming payments, all the way to shipping and printing invoices, and even to processing returns.

Never miss a beat with automatic processes

The wide variety of automatic processes makes it possible to efficiently manage a large volume of orders. Incoming payments from bank accounts or from integrated payment providers will automatically be imported and assigned to the corresponding orders. Once payment has been made and the necessary stock has become available, the order will automatically be cleared for shipping. During the fulfillment process, plentymarkets will generate all of the necessary documents - from the invoice to the pick list and even the shipping labels. You can also set up a fully automated dunning system including debt collection processes.
plentymarkets is continuously being adapted to the market environment as well as to customer interests. As such, it has become a powerful, all-in-one e-commerce system for online sellers, middle-sized companies and large businesses. Over 7,000 companies have already put their trust in plentymarkets. Approximately 160 full-time employees devote their attention to developing the system and supporting customers.

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