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Foto Annika Fischer
10.05.2021 10:30
from Annika Fischer

Anyone who wants to benefit from the European Single Market must know and observe the EU VAT system. This VAT system will undergo extensive changes on 1 July 2021 as part of its reform. With VATRules from eClear to automate your VAT obligations, you lay the foundation to secure and/or scale your cross-border EU e-commerce business.

Foto Jonas Schaeling
14.08.2020 12:45
from Jonas Schaeling

Do you want to expand your business to the Polish market? Then use Allegro – Poland's no. 1 and Europe's no. 6 e-commerce marketplace! With over 1.5 billion search queries per month, Allegro is the most popular product search engine for online purchases in Poland. For over 80% of online shoppers, Allegro is the number one choice when it comes to online shopping, while 90% of existing customers shop there regularly. Benefit from its reach and over 20 years of experience to tackle cross-border challenges.

Foto Heidi Pfannes
12.03.2018 09:00
from Heidi Pfannes

The impact of reviews and ratings on the path to purchase is so pronounced that it has even become the topic behind scientific research. A relevant study conducted by UCL points to the importance of not only collecting and displaying reviews, but also doing so in high quantities. The study went on to prove that the greater the number of ratings aggregated, the higher the perceived value, and the more likely that the impression of prospective buyers would conform to the average rating.

Foto Heidi Pfannes
02.09.2015 12:50
from Heidi Pfannes

Do you sell your products on Amazon? Then you too can benefit from the new alliance between plentymarkets and SellerEngine! We've teamed up as business partners so that Amazon sellers can reap the rewards of both companies. While plentymarkets excels as a tool for processing and fulfilling Amazon orders in one central location, SellerEngine coaches and supports MFN and FBA sellers with many of the problems they find most frustrating, including repricing.

Foto Jan Griesel
28.11.2014 09:00
from Jan Griesel

Black Friday is not only popular in the USA. The fourth Friday in November - the day after Thanksgiving - is also considered to be the start of the Christmas shopping season in many other countries.

Foto Jan Griesel
11.11.2014 11:00
from Jan Griesel
With the ecoStore cloud solutions, evectio and plentymarkets offer a multiplex store and template solution for eBay. This pre-installed layout template is available for plentymarkets sellers within the plentymarkets multi-channel functions for an easy and fast application. The convenient and time-saving eBay lisitngs come upon the most modern and most comprehensive shop system that is used on the eBay platform.

Foto Peter Höschl
04.11.2014 17:20
from Peter Höschl

Most online sellers not only sell their products in their own store but also on markets such as Amazon, eBay or Rakuten. When measuring the success of a distribution channel, most businesses only consider the revenue generated on a market and subtract the commissions. However, such a calculation leaves out important cost factors.

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