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23.10.2023 15:00
from Annika Fischer

Selling in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary with the new marketplace integration from plentysystems.

The all-round sales platform eMAG, which trades items from all product categories from laptops to white goods to fashion, is a true e-commerce pioneer. With a GMV of over 2 billion euros, the company has been one of the largest online platforms in Southeastern Europe since 2001 and is the number 1 marketplace in Romania. The Romanian company, headquartered in Bucharest, employs 7,000 people and operates sales platforms in Bulgaria and Hungary in addition to its domestic market. This means that you can reach customers in three countries via a single platform.

Facts & Figures about eMAG

  • > 56,000 connected merchants
  • > 22.8 million products
  • > 9 million active customers per month
  • > 120 million visits per month
  • > 6.7 million app installations
  • > 5,000 delivery compartments

Statistics also show that every third online product search in Romania starts on eMAG. Although the marketplace is largely unknown in the rest of Europe, it thus holds enormous potential for entry into exciting and growing markets in Southeastern Europe.


eMAG programs for your business

When you join eMAG Marketplace, you benefit from a variety of programs designed specifically to improve your online business.

  • eMAG Ads is a pay-per-click advertising system that allows you to boost your products in listing and search results. When you set a budget and create a marketing campaign on the eMAG platform, your products will get up to 45% more visitors.
  • eMAG umbrella campaigns is a free marketing tool that will give your products even more visibility. Periodically, eMAG creates shopping events that focus on a specific product category and are an opportunity for your business to promote special offers and seasonal discounts.
  • Genius is a vendor program that gives your company access to a base of over 500,000 loyal Genius subscribers.
  • eMAG Academy is an e-learning platform that contains over 1,600 minutes of video content and over 1,000 articles on e-commerce. It is a free knowledge resource available 24/7.
  • eMAG Cross-Border is a solution package that allows you to sell your products in three countries (Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria) through the same platform. With eMAG Cross-Border you get the same commissions regardless of the country and free 24/7 customer service in the language of the platform you are selling on.

Join the eMAG Marketplace and learn how to take your business to the next level! Simply sign at:

Sell with plentysystems on eMAG

With the new marketplace integration for eMAG, plentysystems now offers the possibility to expand cross-border trade to exciting markets in Southeastern Europe. This allows traders to sell via eMAG on all three country platforms, in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. No plugin is required for setup, as the functionality is integrated into the system core. This ensures a smooth and stable data exchange. The setup of the marketplace is quick and easy, article and offer export is done via a catalog.

More about the eMAG integration in the plenty manual:


Partner webinar (German only) |  The next level of your business: Off to Southeast Europe with eMAG and plentysystems

In diesem Partnerwebinar erfahrt ihr mehr über den Marktplatz und die Chancen in den aufstrebenden Märkten Südosteuropa.

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