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14.12.2023 11:00
from Denise Breidenbach

plentysystems Monthly Product News

Our recurring format, the Monthly Product News, again provides exciting insights straight from the plentysystems product world. Learn more on the status quo of current projects, upcoming and successful releases as well as the latest announcements - get all the news here.


Our Product News in December

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Introduction of Stephan Schmeichel as Area Product Manager (APM) OMS & Automation (00:40)

The plentysystems product organisation gains valuable support: We are very happy to introduce our new Area Product Manager for the OMS & Automation area!

Stephan Schmeichel is highly experienced in both product and change management. His particular focus lies in strengthening mutual understanding between product management and customers.

Multichannel | OTTO Market oAuth (02:56)

The new requirements for authentication processes between plentysystems and OTTO market are a piece of cake for our multichannel experts: We are introducing version 2 of the OAuth protocol and have already included a number of merchants in a pilot phase. This adjustment does not only implement the latest state of the authentication protocol, but also fixes some issues that occurred with the current authentication process.

Multichannel | Amazon Feed UI (03:21)

Never lose sight of your data exchange with Amazon: We will shortly release the new Amazon Feed UI. This entirely new user interface allows you to check the transfer of all data to Amazon. Your benefit: A maximum of transparency whenever you need it, as well as the ability to act immediately in case of errors.

[RELEASED] Multichannel | Shopify VAT ID Import (03:39)

Working with Shopify becomes even more comfortable for you. Up until now, VAT IDs were not imported into your system along with the orders from the Shopify App. Now, we are enabling you to automate this step. This change comes with an added bonus: Tax calculations for Shopify orders can be carried out smoothly in plentysystems.

View the changelog in our forum >

[RELEASED] Multichannel | eMAG Shipping confirmation upload (3:50)

Speaking of this month’s marketplace updates, all good things come in fours: As soon as you confirm the shipment of eMag orders in your system, the corresponding invoice documents can now be uploaded to eMag automatically. This way, an additional step of order processing simply takes care of itself!

View the changelog in our forum >

[RELEASED] CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: Updates & Box picking (04:06)

Following a successful beta test phase, the new version of the plentyWarehouse app is ready for you. On top of this, our aim is to help you design your warehouse workflows just the way you want them. For this reason, we will further refine the possibilities for using trolleys next year by implementing additional settings directly in the system.

View the changelog in our forum >

CRM & Goods | Campaign assignment migration (04:51)

The new year starts off with changes to the assignment of coupon campaigns, which will no longer be assigned at items themselves, but at variations. In order to make this change as simple as possible for our users, we will run a migration so there is no need for you to adjust any settings.

View the announcement in our forum >

[RELEASED] CRM & Goods | New fields in item catalogue (05:20)

We have added new data fields for the item catalogue: You can now use more than 50 new fields especially for exporting item inheritance data. This addition means that you will be able to use the catalogue even more flexibly when managing items.

View the changelog in our forum >

CRM & Goods | Catalogue preview in Item UI (05:41)

Very soon, we will present another exciting update regarding the item catalogue: You will be able to access a preview of the item catalogue directly from the Item UI. Thus, switching between different menus when managing your items will be a thing of the past.

CRM & Goods | eBay integration for Messenger (06:03)

The Messenger is quickly approaching its next big milestone: The project for integrating eBay conversations into the Messenger is almost finished. This means that we are not only taking a big step towards feature equality compared to the existing ticket system, but can actively use the modern technological framework of the Messenger to help you make your day-to-day business on eBay even more efficient.

[RELEASED] Business Development | plentyShop PWA: Release 2nd Update (06:44)

We have provided a new version of the plentyShop PWA for productive use. Our plentyShop team published a detailed overview of all changes in our forum.

View the announcement in our forum >

Business Development | plentyShop PWA: Developer documentation (07:51)

Our plentyShop PWA does not only explore new horizons regarding its technology framework: Whether tutorials or detailed information on available API interfaces, developers can now find all types of crucial content on a website specifically designed and created for this purpose. Of course, this knowledge base will be updated and expanded in the future so that you are always up to speed. We are excited to receive your feedback!

Go to our plentyShop PWA Documentation >

Business Development | plentyShop PWA: Landingpage (08:26)

With all the innovation that the plentyShop PWA has in store, we are keen on providing you with the best overview possible. The new plentyShop website shows you the benefits and features that you can already rely on. Wondering what to expect for the future? Then take a look at the release timeline to access information on upcoming changes.

Visit the plentyShop PWA landingpage >

2023 recap and holiday greetings (10:03)

2023 has been an eventful year both for plentysystems and our merchants. We would like to sincerely thank you for your loyalty, patience and continuous feedback. For 2024, we are planning a few projects to bring concepts regarding communication and customer service to new levels. We are happy to have you on this journey with us. Best wishes for a successful business during the current peak season and happy holidays!

The Product News in video format

Watch our video to get insights on the latest topics directly from our Area Product Managers:

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