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27.03.2024 13:20
from Ingo Röger

The established e-commerce framework provides the foundation for the new shop system

With plentyShop PWA , the plentysystems webshop module is undergoing a fundamental rebuild. Based on the state-of-the-art technologies, it will ensure substantially improved performance and an optimized development process. This is reflected by the strategic partnership with Alokai, ensuring scalability, flexibility and forward-thinking development.

plentyShop PWA - the new generation of our shop system

Running your own online store has established itself as a cornerstone of a strong omnichannel strategy and allows retailers to develop a virtual shop window as an important touchpoint along the customer journey. Thanks to an individual design and independence of marketplace conditions, this sales channel promises to sustainably increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. In addition to the multitude of online marketplaces and sales platforms , plentysystems offers an autonomous shop system called plentyShop, which is fully embedded in the module landscape.

With plentyShop PWA, the new generation of plentysystems webshops, the shop system is being realigned and upgraded to the latest technological standards. This promises significantly improved performance and an optimized development workflow.

With this step, plentyShop PWA also provides large retailers and brands with a high-performance and highly customizable online store and opens up a viable alternative to dedicated store systems such as Shopify or Shopware.

Alokai plentyShopPWA

The advantages of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is short for progressive web app and refers to websites that offer functionalities that are normally only available to locally installed applications. An icon on the mobile home screen, full-screen mode without a visible browser, push notifications and the ability to operate parts of the store without an internet connection are just some of the functions made possible by PWAs. PWAs are also characterized by a high level of responsiveness, meaning device-independent user-friendliness and display quality, as well as less noticeable loading delays.

Overall, the use of PWAs ensures a significantly better shopping experience, which has a direct impact on sales in the store.

Alokai - Modern tech stack for seamless development

Working with Alokai enables unprecedented agility and accelerates development speed by providing a modular and flexible architecture that streamlines the development process and makes continuous iteration and deployment feasible.

A fully functional, local development environmentthat can utilize live data from plentysystems and the use of common frameworks and technologies, such as Vue 3, Nuxt 3 und Tailwind CSS, as well as the Storefront UI component library, greatly facilitate development.

With Alokai as the basis for our new webshop, we are choosing a leading framework in headless e-commerce that has already been successfully employed in the transformation of numerous companies.

A technology partnership for future-oriented growth

As a front-end platform for headless e-commerce, Alokai embodies innovation and collaboration within the global developer community. With an open-source approach and modular architecture, it enables developers to solve common e-commerce challenges effectively and sustainably.

With an ever-growing partner ecosystemthat simplifies expansion through third-party software, Alokai has become an industry standard that can be used with a variety of e-commerce systems.

Thanks to Alokai's limitless flexibility and scalability, retailers and brands can quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and evolving customer expectations, ensuring their long-term profitability and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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