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Foto Jan Griesel
11.11.2014 11:00
from Jan Griesel
With the ecoStore cloud solutions, evectio and plentymarkets offer a multiplex store and template solution for eBay. This pre-installed layout template is available for plentymarkets sellers within the plentymarkets multi-channel functions for an easy and fast application. The convenient and time-saving eBay lisitngs come upon the most modern and most comprehensive shop system that is used on the eBay platform.

Foto Peter Höschl
04.11.2014 17:20
from Peter Höschl

Most online sellers not only sell their products in their own store but also on markets such as Amazon, eBay or Rakuten. When measuring the success of a distribution channel, most businesses only consider the revenue generated on a market and subtract the commissions. However, such a calculation leaves out important cost factors.

11.11.2013 16:15

Due to the Distance Selling Directive, customers have the right to cancel almost any contract they closed on the internet within two weeks (or one month). But does this right also apply to digital goods like e-books, software, etc.?

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