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12.03.2018 09:00

The impact of reviews and ratings on the path to purchase is so pronounced that it has even become the topic behind scientific research. A relevant study conducted by UCL points to the importance of not only collecting and displaying reviews, but also doing so in high quantities. The study went on to prove that the greater the number of ratings aggregated, the higher the perceived value, and the more likely that the impression of prospective buyers would conform to the average rating.


This means that not only is it important to collect and display reviews and ratings, it is also vital to have high volumes of them to enhance the social proof and perceived value of your business and/or products.

Trade secrets: How to supercharge your feedback collection

So how does one go about collecting more reviews when it is already difficult to collect any reviews? The issue here is twofold: usually reviews that come in organically are from disgruntled clients who have a grievance to air, and furthermore they trickle in at a slow pace. The key here to combat both aspects is to be proactive and smart about review collection.

According to eKomi’s statistics, only 0.5% of all of the c. 50 million reviews in our system are 1-star reviews. This is thanks to the fact that we contact all of your end customers proactively to leave their feedback.

„“We help businesses unlock the silent, satisfied majority. These are customers who are happy with the service received, who would not necessarily go out of their way to leave a positive review, but when asked proactively and presented with the opportunity are happy to do so.”
- Simon Woods, VP of Sales and Alliances at eKomi - The Feedback Company

This is where the second part of the equation comes in. One of the best ways to boost review collection is by making it as easy and seamless as possible for end customers to provide their feedback. Take full advantage of every client touchpoint and analyze the best, most user-friendly way to integrate feedback collection. Say you have a physical store, collect feedback in person via Smartphone or Tablet. Say you transact solely online, then integrate a feedback form directly within your purchase process. So start combining different collection methods and find the best recipe that fits with your business model!

Interested in collecting more ratings & reviews? Click on the link to enjoy an exclusive free trial of eKomi’s most flexible and innovative collection methods, available for Plentymarkets customers. Valid until May 15th of 2018.

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