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02.09.2015 12:50

Do you sell your products on Amazon? Then you too can benefit from the new alliance between plentymarkets and SellerEngine! We've teamed up as business partners so that Amazon sellers can reap the rewards of both companies. While plentymarkets excels as a tool for processing and fulfilling Amazon orders in one central location, SellerEngine coaches and supports MFN and FBA sellers with many of the problems they find most frustrating, including repricing.

Introducing SellerEngine

SellerEngine helps Amazon sellers take their business to the next level. With over 10 years of experience in coaching and supporting Amazon sellers, the company offers a wide range of services including International Expansion, Customer Service, Account Rescue, Performance Tune-up, Finance Management and Automatic Repricing. The company has also put their expertise into a software suite that operates on 7 global Amazon Marketplaces and can either be used independently or in addition to the company’s consultation services. There are three SellerEngine products available to Amazon sellers at the moment: SellerEngine Plus, Sellery and Profit Bandit.

While all three of these products help Amazon sellers succeed, plentymarkets customers will likely find Sellery to be the most useful. This repricing tool will win you the coveted Amazon Buy Box, and make sure you don’t give in to your competitors. It includes smart filters that monitor the market and react to changes instantly, reassigning pricing strategies and giving you an edge over the competition.

The value and danger of repricing

What is repricing anyway? In the simplest terms, repricing is when sellers raise or lower their own item prices depending on the competition. While this practice is quite common on all marketplaces, it is especially pervasive on Amazon. In part, this is due to the way that Amazon lists items. Unlike on eBay and many other marketplaces, Amazon only has one product information page for each unique item. This means that great sellers can not set themselves apart from the crowd by having the best product description, images or reviews. With only few factors under their control, Amazon sellers tend to set themselves apart by offering an item at the lowest price.

In an effort to continuously underprice one another, Amazon sellers may find themselves trapped in an unintentional race to the bottom. If sellers can only set themselves apart from the competition by lowering their prices, then they may find themselves forced to offer their items at a financial loss. Luckily, there are factors other than price that also go into winning the Buy Box. Sellers can certainly be successful on Amazon without always having the lowest price.

Winning the Buy Box with SellerEngine and plentymarkets

While price is certainly an important factor in winning the Buy Box, it is by no means the only factor. There are many other factors that also go into the decision such as stock availability, delivery speed, customer feedback and many other seller performance metrics. This is where SellerEngine and plentymarkets come together as a great team. plentymarkets shines with its integrated stock management functions and tools for fulfilling orders. Sellery comes with customizable strategies and ways to weed out inconsistencies, so there’s no room for mistakes. While it offers automatic repricing, Sellery never follows the herd and drops prices beyond a profitable level. While many Amazon sellers find themselves juggling to meet all of the Buy Box criteria at the same time, plentymarkets and SellerEngine team up to make it more like an out of sight, out of mind issue.

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