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Foto Jonas Schaeling
13.08.2020 11:00
from Jonas Schaeling

Good news for all retailers who sell internationally, or who are still planning to do so, because Amazon is launching as a marketplace in Sweden. With plentymarkets, you can, of course, sell your products directly on the platform, and you can find out how easy it is in this blog.

Foto Maximilian Bochenek
14.11.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

It's a beautiful, sunny day outside – and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Gingerbread cookies are appearing on supermarket shelves and sellers are starting to prepare for Christmas. For good reason: the holiday shopping season is the most profitable time to be in e-commerce. This article gives you several practical tips that will help you gear up for the peak selling season of 2018.

Foto Maximilian Bochenek
08.10.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

What started by selling a stamp collection on eBay over 20 years ago has grown into an impressive import business today. Wilhelmus Kronenburg has achieved great things with his company and demonstrated what sellers can achieve if they're willing to take the right risks at the right times. Continue reading this success story to learn more about the history of this flagship business.

Foto Helena Schwab
06.09.2018 15:00
from Helena Schwab

E-Commerce is booming! And for many consumers, buying products online has become a normal part of life. It's getting easier and easier for customers to buy products online and to browse through stores in other countries. Borders are beginning to play less of a role. Oftentimes, it's hard for customers to even tell which country an item was shipped from. It's only logical that international online purchases are becoming more common. Nowadays, one of every seven online purchases is a cross-border transaction. In general, customers are more interested in how quickly they can receive an item than from where the item was shipped. In short, sellers can greatly benefit from expanding their delivery range and selling in other countries.

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