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23.08.2019 08:45

Listen up, online sellers who already sell or are interested in selling their items on Amazon! plentymarkets provides you with the new ASIN matching feature which now enables you to offer your items even more quickly on Amazon. Read this blog and find out everything about ASIN matching and its advantages.

List your items on Amazon quickly and easily

We at plentymarkets want to help you to offer your items on online marketplaces quickly, easily, and without much effort. Therefore, we have implemented ASIN matching, which allows you to sell your items on Amazon with only a GTIN. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced Amazon seller or whether you have only just started selling your items there - we will help you bring your items online. Needless to say, we will map your items with the appropriate Amazon products, as it is crucial to be assigned to the correct product if you want to successfully sell your items on Amazon.

Launch your items with only few item data

If you set up ASIN matching in your plentymarkets system, you only need to provide very few item data because lots of information is already saved with the ASIN, Amazon's item number, on Amazon and will be displayed at your item if it is linked to an ASIN. Hence, the price, stock, delivery time, and GTIN will suffice to start selling your items on Amazon.

Easy setup with the Amazon ASIN import assistant

With our Amazon ASIN import assistant, the setup is a piece of cake. Work through the assistant in the System » Assistants menu and carry out settings for the ASIN import with only a few clicks. You decide if ASINs should automatically be linked to an item or if you would rather decide yourself which ASIN should be linked to an item. For example, this can be useful if an item is listed on Amazon more than once and you want to select the ASIN which best matches your item by yourself.

Once you have set up ASIN matching in your plentymarkets system, we will start to import the ASINs from Amazon. Do you want to list new products? Just lean back and don’t worry because we will also retrieve suitable ASINs for new products.


Check out our manual and learn how to set up Amazon ASIN matching in your plentymarkets system.

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