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19.10.2018 08:45

New multi-channel delivery services help eBay sellers meet the standards for eBay Plus and ensure next day delivery. eBay Fulfilment works in collaboration with FIEGE, plentymarkets and Hermes.

The international online marketplace, eBay, has created two new delivery services for sellers in Germany. These services, which are called eBay Fulfilment and eBay Versand, help sellers grow their businesses on multiple sales channels. eBay sellers who use these new delivery services will meet the standards for eBay Plus. Sellers will benefit by having their offers become more visible with the eBay Plus logo and by receiving additional protection. There are beta versions for both delivery services. However, they are only available to select eBay sellers. The delivery services will be implemented by the eBay subsidiary, Shutl.

eBay Fulfilment works together with plentymarkets, FIEGE and Hermes

eBay Fulfilment is a multi-channel fulfilment service, which delivers customers' packages by 6pm the next day. The logistics company, FIEGE, helps eBay by storing sellers' products and preparing them for shipment. Hermes guarantees that packages are delivered to customers quickly and reliably. In the beginning, eBay Fulfilment will only be available via the multi-channel tool, plentymarkets.

plentymarkets is one of the leading e-commerce ERP providers and has over 15 years of experience. They're a great choice for this exciting project. The cloud software is particularly well-known for its wide range of multi-channel functions. We're honoured to be involved in this new feature from the very start:

"plentymarkets helps sellers efficiently manage all of their e-commerce processes. Not only should sellers concentrate on displaying their products on various sales channels, but they should also make sure their items are delivered quickly, reliably and professionally. This project underscores our capacity for innovation and it will be a big help for customers," says Bernhard Weiß, CEO plentymarkets GmbH.

The project is expected to grow in 2019 and begin including other multi-channel tools and other shipping service providers. Contact if you'd like further information about eBay Fulfilment or if you'd like to participate in the beta phase.

eBay Versand in the beta phase

eBay Versand is particularly useful for smaller sellers, as it provides quick delivery for all sales channels at an attractive price. During the beta phase, eBay will work together with DPD to ship packages. Sellers who participate in the beta phase will need to contact eBay's customer service and agree on a time when packages will be picked up each day. Make sure to pick a time after 2:30pm so that you can process as many orders as possible the same day. Typically, DPD will deliver these packages the next day. End customers benefit from DPD's digital services like live-tracking and the ability to predict their delivery time within 60 minutes. Sellers can obtain parcel labels from the new eBay shipping platform. The beta phase initially only applies to sellers in and around Bremen, Germany. Additional regions and shipping services will be added progressively throughout 2019.

"As a leading global business, we're convinced that fulfilment is strategically important to improve the experiences of buyers and sellers on our platform," says Michael Pasch, Senior Director Loyalty & Logistics for eBay. "Our new delivery services help sellers meet their customers' ever increasing needs for quick and reliable delivery. At the same time, sellers benefit from participating in eBay Plus. They see an increase of revenue and they are pleased when eBay covers the cost of returns for all of their eBay Plus items."

Want to use eBay Fulfilment during the holiday shopping season?

If you'd like to benefit from the new eBay delivery services during the holiday shopping season, we'll be happy to help you switch to plentymarkets. Simply contact eBay and ask them if you can be a beta customer. Then get in contact with our sales team:

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