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Foto Heidi Pfannes
27.08.2019 09:45
from Heidi Pfannes

You have waited long enough for this and now it is here: The assistant for the plentyShop Ceres that unites all webshop related settings in one place and makes the setup easier than ever.

All settings in one spot

Setup your webshop faster, easier and safer than before - with the new assistant for your plentyShop Ceres! Together with Ceres version 4.2, we are providing you as of now with a central area, where you can carry out all important shop configurations.

The new assistant bundles all Ceres settings from the item's names to methods of payments. To do this you have to upgrade the Ceres plugin to the current version 4.2 and start the configuration via System > Assistants. You edit your Shop design, Checkout, and the item details page as usual and individual in ShopBuilder.

Step by step way to Webshop

We designed the assistant so that you can decide which setting areas you want to go through: Ceres beginners that only want to use the most necessary setup might not want to use the page numbering or customize the search of the webshops and so they can use the assistant in just three steps. Advanced users, on the other hand, can cover all eleven steps at once.

You decide for yourself how deep the setup should be. Step by step, the wizard ensures that all the settings are made in the right combination to minimizing the risk of errors right from the start.

One of the main goals of the plentyShop team is to make webshop setup easier, safer and more intuitive for you. With ShopBuilder and the new assistant, you can now get your webshop up and running even faster!

You don’t use plentyShop yet? Get the Ceres plugin now and build your new online shop!

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