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15.08.2019 14:30
from Heidi Pfannes

The past months, we have been busy working on a big project behind the scenes. Now is the time for us to proudly announce some big news: The second step of reworking the reorder functionality in plentymarkets has been finished and is available from now on. Read this blog post to see what has changed.


First step: Quick and easy redistribution of items

The new functionality for redistributing items has already been available for several months in the plentymarkets back end. Reworking the redistribution was the first step to restructuring the general purchase order functionalities. With the redistribution, we have created an entirely now possibility for you to transfer large item quantities from one warehouse to another. The second step affected the reorder functionality. In this area, we have reworked the existing functionality.

A new approach to reorders - What has changed?

The process of reworking the reorders was approached in an approach based on the redistributions. In addition to introducing the REST technology to call and save reorder information, our most important motto was simplicity. To achieve this goal, we have most of all reworked and restructured the entire user interface. In contrast to the old reorder functionality, the new one offers you clearly separated areas for information such as the order details, but most importantly the order items. The new Messenger functionality, which offers you additional possibilities to save and manage information centrally is already integrated into the new reorder functionality. Another newly developed menu allows you to keep an overview of existing and open reorders and redistributions alike. Numerous filters and search settings are available in this overview, offering you an easy possibility to keep track of the status of individual reorders.

From now on, you can also facilitate many steps of your workflow even before you create your first reorders. Default settings for suppliers, receiving warehouses and much more can be carried out centrally in a menu designed for this particular purpose. Thus, repeatedly entering identical information is a thing of the past.

We have also worked on various technical adaptions to provide you with additional considerable benefits: On a technical and logical basis, reorders now function and behave like regular orders. This change enables you to adapt your workflow by setting up as many status for the particular purpose of managing reorders and subsequently automating them with flexible event procedures.

The process so far: Reaching our goal with consideration and feedback

The final release of the new reorder is the result of long-term preparations and evaluations. After making countless decision, preparing drafts and engaging in various discussions on an internal level, we have launched a closed beta phase with selected plentymarkets sellers. During this time, the group has tested the new functionality thoroughly. Their feedback was then evaluated and processed by us. The final result is an entirely reworked functionality that offers you many additional surprises and facilitations for your workflow in addition to the novelties described above. We still have some great ideas in store that we would like to implement in the future. The current state of the reorder offers all the possibilities the old functionality offered you - and is the basis for further development of the reorders.

Are you curious about more detailed information on the changes we implemented or would you like to learn more on how to use the new reorder functionality? Visit our manual for more input.

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