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Foto Jan Griesel
12.11.2015 12:55
from Jan Griesel

plentymarkets now uses the HHVM compiler for systems hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Find out what it's all about and how our customers benefit.

What is HHVM?

The HHVM compiler software is developed by Facebook. It compiles the plentymarkets ERP system, which is to say that it turns our source code into a website. HHVM is an alternative to the commonly used, "classic" PHP compiler. Its advantage: The developers of HHVM have made it their business to beat PHP in terms of speed – and so far, they have always delivered. This means that plentymarkets online stores are delivered substantially faster now. This is noticeable with every click.

We now offer the HHVM compiler for systems hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Customers whose systems were installed in the AWS cloud already benefit from the HHVM turbo. plentymarkets systems not hosted in the AWS cloud can now also be relocated there to make sure all our customers can take advantage of the speed that HHVM offers. The relocation process is fully automated and can be planed via a user interface in the plentymarkets backend.

More flexibility, more security – and more speed with HHVM

AWS servers have been available to plentymarkets customers for some time now. They allow us to respond to your increasing performance demands whilst increasing the availability of our ERP systems at the same time. Thanks to HHVM, our hosting is becoming even more flexible. This also applies to our overall business model: Our comprehensive product relaunch has resulted in a radical shortening of our contract periods. In addition, we have made our ERP system a lot more modular. This means that our customers can now set up an individual system that truly reflects their needs using the product configurator.

Find out more about the plentymarkets Cloud on the Cloud hosting page of our website.

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