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Foto Jan Griesel
01.09.2015 12:23
from Jan Griesel

Since plentymarkets 6.13 it is possible to employ multi-line code blocks in the plentymarkets CMS syntax. This expansion influences the definition of Comments, Variables, if and for constructions in our design templates.

Have a clear advantage with multi-line code blocks

We are continuously expanding the CMS syntax which often means that several syntax entries have to be defined consecutively. Although you can also produce one command per code block, doing so proved to be somewhat cumbersome in practice. Multi-line code blocks are a better alternative that ensure a clearer arrangement of the source code.

CMS syntax will not only be available for design templates but also for other areas of plentymarkets. For example as validators in the order process. With validators you can validate, i.e. check, the entries a user made. Employing CMS syntax here allows you to define much more complex queries than are possible with the user interface.

Videos about the new feature

The following videos teach you everything you need to know about the new feature.

Introducing code blocks in the plentymarkets CMS syntax.

This video explains how to define comments in the CMS syntax.

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