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06.07.2017 14:00
from Maximilian Bochenek

We are happy to announce that our marketplace portfolio now includes Amazon Business in the United Kingdom. This up and coming market provides great opportunities for online merchants to reach new customers and increase their turnover. Discover what Amazon Business adds to your multi-channel mix and how to set up the market in your plentymarkets system.

Amazon Business plentymarkets

What makes Amazon Business such a great opportunity?

Amazon Business is a new market for commercial customers. Companies of any size can register with Amazon Business free of charge to save time and money when making business purchases. Enterprises, major corporations as well as institutional buyers thereby gain access to products for their specific purpose at special prices. With Amazon Business, retailers can increase their turnover by reaching customers that would probably not notice them otherwise.

When Amazon Business was established in the US, they generated more than one billion dollars in turnover within the first year. Now, the success story is about to hit Europe and Amazon merchants can reap the rewards by taking advantage of special features tailored to B2B business.

These are your benefits:

  • New customers: Reach commercial customers ranging from small companies to major corporations.
  • Commercial prices and quantity discounts: Make special offers to commercial buyers and sell products in bulk to grant special discounts.
  • Increased visibility: Amazon Business articles are individually marked.
  • Risk-free fulfillment: Amazon assesses credit risk and takes care of billing and collection. Payment is transferred to the vendor directly and Fulfillment by Amazon is an option as well.
  • VAT calculation service: Amazon automatically generates invoices that include the vendor’s VAT certificate and net prices.

It’s that easy with plentymarkets:

Amazon business plentymarkets

Activate your Amazon Business account with just one click in the Amazon section of your plentymarkets back end. Up to 5 more bulk discount prices can be set up in addition to the standard item price for B2B trade. Alternatively, display up to 5 bulk discount prices in percent using linked properties. Find more information about setting up Amazon Business in our manual.

Wishing you great sales numbers with Amazon Business!

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