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Foto Jan Griesel
08.08.2017 11:28
from Jan Griesel

Good news for Amazon sellers: it's become even easier to sell products internationally on Amazon. This is because Amazon now allows sellers to save attribute information in multiple languages. We also want to tell you about an exciting feature for new plentymarkets customers, who already sell items on Amazon.

We want to help you sell on Amazon as easily as possible. That's why we've always made it our goal to add new Amazon features and seller programs to plentymarkets as quickly as possible. We want you to be able to profit from such new features immediately. The best example: Pan-European shipping by Amazon can be managed easily in plentymarkets. In other words, if you ship from other European FBA locations, then plentymarkets will find the correct VAT rates. This not only simplifies your tax returns, but it also allows your business to quickly grow in other countries.

Linking multilingual attributes with Amazon

The keyword here is "international". The first new feature will help you sell products internationally. It's now possible to transmit attribute information to Amazon in multiple languages. If you sell items on several different Amazon platforms, then you can now transmit attribute values such as colour and size in the desired language.

Managing data easily with parent SKUs

The second new feature is particularly helpful for new plentymarkets customers. In plentymarkets 7, you can manage both the SKU and parent SKU for Amazon yourself. This means that you can import previously existing parent SKUs into your plentymarkets system and thus use plentymarkets to sell items on Amazon.

But new plentymarkets customers aren't the only ones who benefit from this new feature. The new parent SKU feature has other advantages as well: you can use the parent SKU to list two items on Amazon even though only one item is managed in plentymarkets. If you're working with variations of an item, then it's also possible to assign the parent SKU to completely different item variations.

Future projects

Look forward to even more new features coming up in the future. The next big Amazon project is inbound shipment and it's already being developed. In the future, this new feature will make it possible for you to define which items should be sent to the FBA warehouses next.

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