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05.07.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Callisto can’t keep up with the level that Ceres reached over the last few months. That’s why it’s time to say goodbye to the old online store. Find out more about Ceres’ latest developments and the date when support will end for Callisto.


Callisto’s EOL is coming

Several months have passed since we announced Callisto’s EOL (End Of Life). A great deal has happened since then on the plentymarkets horizon and Ceres shines more brightly than ever. We took your concerns into consideration and adjusted the EOL date for Callisto. For many of you, Callisto has been a faithful companion who has made us proud. However, the ravages of time have left their traces. Goodbyes are hard. Yet, there is something magical about every new beginning.

The range of features is steadily growing

This magic can be seen in the various new features, which were added to the Ceres plugin over the past 3 months. Since announcing the EOL, Ceres has become multilingual and thus an important ally on the international market. We also made it easier to manage different Ceres clients by introducing plugin sets and completely revising the plugin user interface.

Next, we introduced the Shop Builder. Its drag&drop modular system helps even the least tech-savvy sellers individually design their online store. There are many more reasons to use Ceres, which are described in our blog 7+1 good reasons you should make the switch to plentymarkets Ceres.

What does the future hold for Ceres?

Of course, we will continue to develop many more great features for Ceres. Check out our roadmap to see which functions are planned for the future and how they’re coming along. An example: we’re working on a new feature, which will cache website content and help Ceres stores load faster. This will surely be an incentive for many sellers to switch to Ceres. All things considered, it’s time we realise and accept that Callisto can’t keep up with Ceres anymore!

Alles in allem ist es an der Zeit, dass wir uns eingestehen: Callisto kann nicht mehr mit Ceres mithalten!

Support for the old Callisto online store ends September 1st, 2018

No need to worry: your Callisto store will continue to exist for a little while longer! Starting September 1st, 2018, however, the plentymarkets employees who are responsible for Callisto will begin using their energy to press ahead with Ceres. The Callisto checkout will be disabled one year later on September 1st, 2019. Even then your Callisto store, equipped with the legally compliant and future-proof Ceres checkout, will remain functional until 2020. We will use all our channels of communication to let our customers know well in advance when we stop provisioning Callisto.


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