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08.05.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

The time has come. Ceres, the latest plentymarkets online store, has eclipsed its predecessor Callisto. If it's your mission to always be on the cutting edge of technology while offering your customers utmost convenience, then the time is now. Discover the advantages plentymarkets Ceres has to offer below.

plentymarkets Ceres

Ceres is right and ready for you!

With all the assets Callisto had to offer, Ceres offers even more. Here are several practical new shop features:

1. Pre-certified shop template

After being thoroughly examined by Trusted Shops and EHI, plentymarkets Ceres has withstood the acid test. Both organisations found no objection to the template and granted it pre-certification. So what does that mean for you? Your Ceres online store comes with the most sought-after certification seals. Plus, your customers know they're in good hands.

2. Customizable item sorting and item search

When sorting items, most online retailers want to display products in a certain order of priority. No problem with plentymarkets Ceres. Combine up to 3 different search values to determine which items are shown first and which items might be listed a bit later.

3. Item lists using tags

Offer your customers convenient product combinations by linking items to tags that you create yourself. The resulting lists are useful because they allow your customers to access the items that are relevant to them.

4. Unlimited flexibility

Individually customize your shop to meet your needs with the continuously growing selection of themes, plugins and widgets on the plentyMarketplace. Simply select the extension you need and create the shop of your dreams with the click of a mouse. No need to deal with complicated source code!

5. Central configuration

Manage your online store directly in your plentymarkets backend. In your item overview, decide what item information you want displayed in your shop without changing the code. And to make those changes visible, just check the corresponding box.

6. Future-proof checkout with legal certainty

With the Ceres checkout, you're in safe hands thanks to the legal certainty provided by EHI and Trusted Shops certification. Plus, state-of-the-art technology ensures a high-performance checkout that will also remain at the cutting edge of new technology in the future.

7. New payment methods

Benefit from new payment methods in your checkout using plugin technology. Your customers will appreciate things like the convenient instalment purchase option powered by PayPal.

A big bonus point for free faceted search

Faceted search in Ceres is ElasticSearch-based and offers the same features as the previous technique with the added benefit of being able to filter for variation properties. And … the first 50,000 queries with Ceres are free!

Ceres is free with plentymarkets 7

So you want to get started with Ceres ASAP? No problem! Your new shop template is available as a plentymarkets plugin on the plentyMarketplace free of charge.

Go to Ceres

What about a partner agency?

Ceres has been carefully examined by the following certified partner agencies. Being experienced with the new shop template, they will gladly offer their expertise and help you get your Ceres online store ready for business.

Have fun setting up your new Ceres online store!

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