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Foto Annika Fischer
02.05.2022 08:24
from Annika Fischer

Have you ever noticed? When a shop sports an appealing design, it just invites us to explore what's on offer. That's why we're offering all plentyShop LTS users the brand new plentyShop LTS Modern plugin, available immediately for installation. The advantage for you is that you can give your plentyShop a fresh coat of paint without any expenses for creating your own theme.

You're new to plentymarkets and want to use an online shop out of the box? No problem: In the future, plentyShop LTS Modern will come pre-installed and pre-configured with your test system.

Agencies and theme developers also benefit: now you can build new designs and themes by extending our new plugin–it's really simple and saves a lot of time. 

Everything you need to know: 

To use this free feature, simply order the plugin on plentyMarketplace and install it in your plugin set. 

plentyShop LTS Modern contains revised standard templates for all shop page types. These are templates you can use, so that you don't have to create all of the contents of your shop from scratch. This also includes category pages, item detail views, checkout, my account and many more. By the way, there's also a dark mode that you can enable in the plugin settings. Additionally, just like our plentyShop LTS base plugin, plentyShop LTS Modern is available as an open source repository under the AGPL-3.0 licence.

Have we piqued your curiousity?

Then click here to check out the demo shop. Give it a try and make your customers' shopping experience even more fun!


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