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21.04.2022 14:03
from Annika Fischer

Your items are the central pillar of your e-commerce and working with your items is part of your daily routine. This means it's essential for your e-commerce success that you can manage your products in a neat and easy fashion. It's important to us that plentymarkets adapts to your workflow–not the other way around. Since March, the new item management user interface is in open beta and available to all plentySellers. This post gives you an overview of the current status of the new item UI. 

The new plentymarkets PIM interface offers you completely new ways of managing items in your system. Our goal is to develop a user-friendly UI for the best possible user experience. One important point here is that you can customise the UI. After all, not everyone needs the same settings in the same arrangement. The new UI allows you to change the views according to your personal needs and to optimise your workflow. No unnecessary configurations, no need to search for specific settings–you only see the content that's relevant to you. This makes navigating the UI more comfortable and saves time. Using the interface feels natural, so making the switch is quick and easy. Not only is the new UI effective, it also looks really good. The new interface sports a modern layout, based on the latest technology and state-of-the-art components. It's ideal to structure your contents and display them in a nice way. You can easily find what you really need. 

Much to discover, easy to use 

Besides the visual overhaul, the menu also offers both new and simplified functionality. For example, the search and filter bar at the top includes both the filter button and the currently selected filters. You can apply the selected changes to different variations via an action button. And you decide which columns to show in the table. In addition, the side navigation is a central part of the new workflow. The side navigation lists and groups all open items and variations, making them much easier to navigate.

As unique as you

When you edit a variation, the left-hand side navigation helps you stay on top of things by highlighting the variation you've selected in blue. The new toolbar on the right now only contains one button to save your contents. As an example, you can see the variation edit view underneath. You choose: which elements to display, how to arrange them and how much space they take up. If there's some content you don't need, just hide it. 

Just like the myView interface for CRM contacts, the new item UI also significantly reduces your workload. myView was the first configurable UI in plentymarkets. You can use it to re-arrange the default view, which contains the company, address details and contact details components, in any way you want. Afterwards, the UI is always displayed just like you've configured it. It's the same with the new item UI: after you've configured your edit pages once, they always stay that way. But wait, there's more: you can even create more than one view and seamlessly switch between them at any time. For example, you may want to emphasise different contents in different views or quickly switch between two views that you've optimised for different workflows.

In our example screenshot, we're configuring the area highlighted in white. On the right-hand side we select what name to display and the contents we want to include. The item UI offers you maximum flexibility, allowing you to build the view you like best and that's optimised for your everyday work, all within plentymarkets.

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