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26.07.2022 17:05
from Annika Fischer

One event turns into three: here's everything you need to know about our new events line-up and the evolution of the Online Sellers Congress (OHK)! In the future, plentymarkets will offer you three attractive and exciting event formats. Digital events will feature content with practical utility and on-site events will focus on networking. Because as much as we like to learn and work digitally, there's just something special about talking to each other face to face. With our event categories plentyKeynote, plentyContentWeek and the new OHK concept, knowledge transfer, networking and our product news and highlights will be distributed continuously throughout the entire year. 

The world around us constantly changes and we react to those changes by always coming up with new event formats. Due to the pandemic and the resulting contact restrictions mainly digital ones at first and an increase in on-site events later on as society gains more experience in navigating the situation. 

If we've learned anything so far, it's this: restricting useful and interesting content to congress halls and tight schedules is no longer in fashion. By making everything available digitally, we make it easy for the entire plentyCommunity to participate. 

However, networking and trade fairs are parts of an event that really benefit from interpersonal interactions. That's why we've given every part of the original Online Sellers Congress a new home with an appropriate format. Spread throughout the whole year to avoid stressful schedules.   


This series of events will take place multiple times a year. Based on a course format, it enhances our event world with opportunities for intensive knowledge transfer. Together with our plentyPartners, we want to provide useful information to help you and your business grow! Every content week focuses on a single topic area across all channels. We're kicking off the content weeks this summer, starting with cross-border trade. We'll support you in selling across all borders with workshops, webinars and guides. Learn everything you have to know to get started on your journey towards internationalisation. All plentyContentWeeks resources are available for free to all plentySellers and everyone who's interested in e-commerce. More information will follow within the next days. 


Twice a year, we'll have an interactive digital keynote event. The first edition of the event will take place in the autumn of 2022. Join us to experience inspiring presentations, product demos and exciting studio guests. You can actively participate in our streaming event and share your feedback and experiences with the plentyCommunity. Stay tuned for further information. 

OHK reinvented 

The climax of our events line-up is the e-commerce festival of the year, featuring the redesigned OHK. We look forward to welcoming all current and aspiring e-commerce junkies and nerds to the analogue home of the plentyCommunity in Kassel in the first half of 2023. 

OHK 2.0 aims to inspire and is the perfect venue for successful exchanges between brands, sellers and service providers. The compact and efficient trade fair area offers visitors additional networking opportunities.  


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