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15.08.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

We've recently added several new functions to the app, which help you ring up customers with ease. Continue reading to learn more about the new features and how you can use them.


plentyPOS Invoice

Not only can you accept cash payments and link ZVT terminals and SumUp to your point of sale system, but you can also allow specific customers to pay on invoice. And you can do so without ever having to close the plentyPOS app. Now you can print DIN A4 invoices directly from within the app. Simply download a plugin to add this useful function to your plentymarkets 7 system.

View the plugin

New printing options

When you connect plentyBase, you'll be able to print documents on all of your local printers - even if you use the app. And that not only applies to invoices and receipts. Now you can control which POS document is printed on which device. Would you prefer to print z reports on A4 size paper so that you can file them away with other documents and still be able to read the print three years down the road? Or do you want to re-print an item label because the old one peeled off or you've updated your prices? No problem - thanks to plentyBase.

View the plentyBase plugin

Our online manual teaches you how to set up plentyBase in the app.

New options for returns

Now when you create a return, you can decide whether you want to link it to the original order. You may not want to, for example, if your customer has lost his or her receipt. Or you may want to link the original order and check off all of the items that the customer has returned. If you allow customers to pay on invoice, then it will be especially important to link returns to their original orders. This will prevent you from accidentally reimbursing more money than the customer originally spent.

Check out our online manual to learn more about the return function.

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