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22.08.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

The Wish shopping platform has really benefited from the mobile shopping trend. Every day, millions of young buyers use the app to browse through offers. With plentymarkets 7, you can benefit from Wish too and reach potential customers all around the world. Continue reading to learn how it all works!

plentymarkets Wish

Wish: a shooting star on the horizon

Everyone's talking about Wish. The shopping platform was founded by Google's ex-manager Peter Szulczewski and Yahoo's ex-manager Danny Zhang. Wish took off like a shooting star and even surpassed Amazon, eBay and Zalando in the download charts for popular app stores. It's been in first place for several months now.

Wish primarily attracts young buyers, who are technologically well-versed. That's why the marketplace is only available with an app. The idea has been a success. Every day, millions of shoppers browse through the app and hunt for bargains from all around the world (according to Wish's own data, over 300 million users in the USA and Europe).

Selling on Wish? It's easy with plentymarkets

Make the most of Wish's wide reach and sell your products with the popular shopping app. plentymarkets' practical plugin technology makes it easy for you to integrate the platform into your multi-channel mix. Use plentymarkets 7 to directly reach millions of bargain hunters with the Wish app!

Download the free Wish plugin from plentyMarketplace. The plugin description contains all of the necessary information about setting up and using the function.

Access the Wish plugin

Coming soon…

And that's not all! In the next couple of days, we will reveal several new exciting news for you. Look forward to the amazing things we have in store for you!

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