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08.08.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

It used to be difficult to import Amazon FBA credit notes into your plentymarkets system. You had to specify how often returns are imported and then create an event procedure as a workaround. But those days are over! We've developed a new function, which simplifies the process. This article introduces you to the new function, which automatically imports Amazon credit notes into your plentymarkets system.

Amazon credit notes

Automatically import credit notes

We've developed a new option for Amazon, which is called "Credit note import". You can use this option to automatically import credit notes into your plentymarkets system. All you have to do is activate the option within the Amazon order settings. If you've created an event procedure as a workaround for importing FBA credit notes, then don't forget to deactivate it.

Your credit notes will be imported from Amazon every 4 hours. If your customers have received refunds from Amazon, then they will be saved as credit notes in your system and they will be linked to the original Amazon orders.

Simplify your workflow!

The new feature simplifies many day-to-day tasks. You can even import Amazon credit notes for packages that weren't sent back. For example, you can import credit notes for those orders that were damaged or lost during delivery. Credit notes will also be imported for any refunds that Amazon granted as a sign of goodwill.

Keep track of your payments

The new option helps sellers keep an eye on any money that Amazon wires to customers. Your plentymarkets system contains an overview of all the transactions that originated from your seller account.

What will happen if I ship my own orders (MFN)?

You'll want to make sure that refunds from plentymarkets are triggered by an event procedure. You will not need to deactivate the event procedure for MFN since the credit note import doesn't allow credit notes to be created twice within the same system. However, if you manually create credit notes or if you use a third-party system to create them somewhere other than your plentymarkets system, then a new credit note will be created during the import process.

Take a look at our online manual for step-by-step instructions that teach you how to configure this new feature!

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