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22.10.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Brace yourselves, winter is coming and Christmas is just around the corner! As every year, the season's business promises to boost your sales. In order to prepare you for the festive season, we have developed the cross-selling template function for eBay, which helps you to systematically present further products to your customers on eBay. Read all about it in this blog.

Use cross-selling to present your products on eBay

What was cross-selling again? As an experienced seller, you probably know what the term means, but it never hurts to review. Cross-selling means that you suggest similar, complementary products for the item that your customer wants to buy. For example, your customer wants to buy a beanie and you suggest a matching scarf or a pair of gloves. With the new cross-selling template function for eBay, cross-selling items are displayed below your listing's description on eBay.

Advantages of cross-selling

Cross-selling has many advantages. For instance, if you suggest complementary products to your customers, you encourage them to buy further items and thus have the chance to increase the value of your eBay shopping cart and to generate more sales. Moreover, you can use cross-selling to specifically advertise new items or to sell older items more quickly by drawing your customers' attention towards them. At the same time, cross-selling also helps you increase the visibility of your items. The advantages of cross-selling are clear – use it to call your customers' attention to the products in your eBay shop and systematically sell further items. Continue reading to learn how to present cross-selling items in your listing description on eBay.

How can cross-selling items be displayed on eBay?

First, you'll link cross-selling items to an existing item. This is done in the menu Item » Edit item » Open item » Tab: Cross-selling » Tab: Add item(s). Then you'll open the menu System » Listings » Layouts and you'll add the template function GetCrossSellingData to one of your layout templates. Finally, you'll link the layout template to your listing. The cross-selling items will now be displayed along with your listing's description. Refer to our manual for further information about the cross-selling template function for eBay and more detailed instructions on using a layout template.

Try out the new feature today and begin adding information to individual variations. Use this new eBay feature and the recently released Amazon variation properties feature to boost your sales on Amazon just in time for the holiday shopping season!

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