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04.12.2018 09:30
from Maximilian Bochenek

We're proud to announce several new features for plentyPOS! This article summarises the changes and new functions, which plentyPOS users will have access to in the future. It also gives you a sneak preview of a function that we're currently working on.

plentyPOS features

Features that you wished for

We've been working hard to grant your wishes and create new features for mixing payment methods, dealing with gift cards, switching between user accounts and managing returns. It took us a bit longer than expected to develop these features. But that's even more reason for us to be excited about the new improvements. Your feedback helped us improve these features and implement new, exciting functions in plentyPOS - thank you!

Mixing payment methods

It's now possible to mix payment methods in an order. Imagine you have a customer who comes into your store and wants to buy a sofa with a 50 pound note, a 100 pound gift card, a debit card, a credit card and asks you to just bill me for the rest. Don't worry, now you can sit back and smile. The plentymarkets online manual teaches you just how it's done.

Gift cards

We've also made a few new improvements to gift cards. Now it's possible to redeem multiple gift cards per order. And when working with returns, now you can easily create gift cards for the same amount as the credit note.

Switching user accounts

If you've saved PINs for app users in your plentymarkets system, then these app users will be able to quickly switch from one user account to another. This makes it much easier to work with the till. Furthermore, these users will be able to lock the app, which can be particularly helpful in brick and mortar stores. Surely your cashier will have to step away from the till every now and again. Take a look at our online manual for further information about setting up and using this feature.

Customer returns

We made an improvement to returns - thanks to the helpful feedback that we received from our customers. Returned items can now be booked to a different storage location than the pre-configured default storage location. So if an item is returned to you in mint condition and with all of the original packaging, you can book it directly back to your sales shelf.


You can use the option Promotional coupons/POS discount to prevent individual items from being discounted. But now we've added onto this feature. Now cashiers can grant discounts where the percentage includes decimal places.

Sneak preview: Click & Collect

We're almost ready to unveil new Click & Collect features. On the one hand, cashiers will be able to use the till to ring up orders that were placed elsewhere, e.g. in the online store. On the other hand, they'll be able to book items as outgoing if the order has already been paid for, e.g. if a customer comes into your store to pick up an item that was ordered online. Of course, it's also possible to create returns. You can do it all with the till.

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