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27.11.2018 14:00
from Helena Schwab

It's now possible for selected sellers to create their own invoices in plentymarkets and export them to Amazon afterwards. That's because we've added Amazon VCS - Amazon's VAT calculation service. At the moment, plentymarkets is the only e-commerce ERP, which allows sellers to use Amazon VCS. Read this blog post to learn about the advantages of Amazon VCS and how you can use it in plentymarkets.

Generate Amazon invoices in plentymarkets now

We've granted you a wish just in time for Christmas. The new Amazon VCS option makes it possible to create Amazon invoices directly in your plentymarkets system. What is Amazon VCS? Amazon VCS (= VAT calculation service) is the sales tax service offered by Amazon. It automatically creates invoices and calculates the sales tax. Amazon’s sales tax service is beneficial to sellers. You'll save time and money because invoices are created automatically by Amazon. In addition, you will gain the business seller badge from Amazon, which helps you increase the visibility of your products on Amazon. Furthermore, your item prices will be displayed without VAT on the Amazon platforms,,, and By integrating Amazon VCS, you can easily create Amazon invoices in your plentymarkets system and have them transferred to Amazon automatically.

Who can use Amazon VCS?

Currently, Amazon VCS is only available for selected sellers. You will be contacted by Amazon if you are one of those sellers. We will then activate a module in your plentymarkets system so that you can use Amazon’s VAT service. You do not have to perform many steps - simply activate Amazon VCS in the Seller Central and in your plentymarkets system, and that’s it! Now, you can create and organise Amazon invoices in your plentymarkets system. If you use Amazon VCS, your Amazon invoices are automatically transferred to Amazon.

We're proud to give you this gift just in time for the holidays and we wish you a successful holiday shopping season!

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