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14.09.2023 12:00
from Ingo Röger

plentysystems Monthly Product News

In September, our Monthly Product News again deliver some exciting news from the plentysystems product world. From new options for maintaining item information to even more customizability of business documents to single order picking - get all the news here.


Our Product News in September:


Click on the timestamps below to jump directly to the corresponding part of the video:


Business Development | plentyShop PWA (01:16)

The Product Area is working intensely on an initial release of the plentyShop PWA and will assist in the launch of the user interface for deployment initially in order to collect direct feedback regarding the functionalities and the process.

More on plentyShop PWA >

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Business Development | UNkONFERENZ (02:30)

Together with the Web-Wikinger, plentyONE will be hosting the UNkONFERENZ in Kiel on 09/15/2023, where in addition to the opportunity to network, there will also be a Topic Room on plentyShop PWA. In this interactive format, questions can be asked and discussions held with the Product Area.

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Business Development | Server Side Rendering (03:21)

The first beta tests have been carried out for server-side rendering, and the data is now being analyzed in order to implement optimizations. The SSR should increase the time-to-first-byte values (TTFB) of plentyShops, i.e. the time of data transfer from the server to the browser, and ensure better stability.


RELEASED: OMS & Automation | Number ranges (04:02)

Based on user feedback, improvements have been made to the number ranges for sequential numbering of business documents. Important hints have been placed in the configuration process. In addition, variables are now available for the use of prefixes, so that, for example, the year can be included in the number range and this continues accordingly in the following year.

OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder (05:25)

The DocumentBuilder is in an open beta, i.e. the test phase - here feedback can be quickly implemented and corresponding improvements published. For each document type (invoice, delivery note, etc.), a decision can be made as to whether the DocumentBuilder or the old document setup is to be used. The custom order document, which has now been introduced, can be freely designed and is also available in the OrderUI as well as in event actions and processes, can also be used for testing. In the foreseeable future, only the DocumentBuilder will be available in new systems, an EOL for the existing document setup will not take place this year and will be announced with sufficient lead time.

RELEASED: OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder: Code Widget (06:37)

The variables and settings in DocumentBuilder are continuously being expanded. Similar to the ShopBuilder and EmailBuilder, individual code can now be applied to the business documents for even more customization. The corresponding widget can be dragged to the desired location and filled there.

OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder: Properties (07:10)

Furthermore, the integration of properties into the DocumentBuilder is being developed in the near future. Soon it will be possible to display properties on the documents.

OMS & Automation | plentyFlow (07:56)

The first user interface for the configuration of flows is to be made available at the end of the current operating plan - i.e. in late fall of this year. The technological basis and the conceptual considerations have been tested and a first version of plentyFlowStudio has been drafted. A feedback round will be started early with the UI and the first functioning flows. Existing functionalities such as event actions, processes and the action manager will remain in place for the time being.

RELEASED: CRM & Goods | ItemUI: Dynamic Table Columns (09:41)

In the new ItemUI it is now possible to configure and rename table columns via drag & drop. These custom names are used both in the overview and in the detail view.

RELEASED: CRM & Goods | ItemUI: Inline-Table-Editing (10:31)

The Inline Table Editing has been released. This allows item or variation information to be edited directly in the table overview. It significantly simplifies and speeds up content maintenance. Instructions on how to use the function can be found in the changelog in the forum.

View the manual in our forum >

CRM & Goods | Extension of Catalogue Formats (11:12)

Catalogue formats are being developed in the ITEM and CRM areas so that data can be exported using catalogues shortly. This functionality is being rolled out feature by feature.

RELEASED: CRM & Goods | Order Panel in Company (11:49)

Step by step, the company entity is equipped with additional information. For example, a view has already been integrated that displays all orders from contacts linked to the corresponding company record. This panel can now be placed on the company view using the MyView. Additional relational data information, such as key performance indicators and messages, will follow.

View the thread in our Forum >

RELEASED: CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: Single-Order-Picking (12:24)

The possibility to perform single order picking with the plentyWarehouse app has been available since the release of version 1.0.23. This is particularly applicable for the implementation of Click-&-Collect. Further information can be found in the forum.

View the thread in our forum >

RELEASED: CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: Goods receipt document (12:45)

Another new feature in plentyWarehouse is that goods receipt documents can now be generated with a setting in the app. These are already based on DocumentBuilder and can be set up accordingly with the new technology.

View the thread in our forum >

Multichannel | eMAG (13:06)

The integration with the European all-round marketplace eMAG is currently in a four- to six-week beta phase. During this time, tests are being carried out with plentySellers who can list on all three eMAG country platforms - Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Join the beta phase >

RELEASED: Multichannel | Catalogue Marktkauf (13:39)

Some channel-specific fields have been added to the catalogue format for the Marktkauf marketplace, such as the 0% tax class for solar products or the WEEE number. These changes are already available and ready to use.

View the thread in our forum >

Multichannel | EOL Shopify Plugin (14:02)

As already announced in status emails and notifications, the Shopify plugin will be switched off on 10/01/2023. Remaining users of the plugin are asked to migrate to the new technology as soon as possible. Instructions for the migration can be found in the forum.

Migrate to the Shopify App now >

Platform | Central Login (14:47)

As part of the central login to the plentysystems backend, it is also possible to create restricted accounts without a valid e-mail address, for example, to enable employees in the warehouse to log in. In this case, it is not possible to use single sign-on, which requires an e-mail address.

The Product News in Video format

Watch our video to get insights on the latest topics directly from our Area Product Managers:

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