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20.12.2019 11:00

It’s finally here: with plentyDevTool, we’re releasing a successor to plentyDrive to speed up your plugin development.

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Using plentyDevTool you can work on all open source plugins you’ve installed in your plentymarkets system from plentyMarketplace. Download the plugins, edit them locally and upload them back to your system. Of course you can also create plugins from scratch locally and upload them afterwards.

Speed up deployment

When uploading plugin files with plentyDevTool, you have the option of triggering a plugin build. Not only can you deploy your plugin faster this way, plentyDevTool also instantly provides you with feedback on the outcome of the build.

Zum Plugin

More to come…

Development on plentyDevTool is far from finished. We look forward to hearing from you which features you need the most. Get started with plentyDevTool now and share your impressions with us in the plentyDevTool category of our forum.

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