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Foto Helena Schwab
08.05.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

The time has come. Ceres, the latest plentymarkets online store, has eclipsed its predecessor Callisto. If it's your mission to always be on the cutting edge of technology while offering your customers utmost convenience, then the time is now. Discover the advantages plentymarkets Ceres has to offer below.

Foto Helena Schwab
11.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

plentyMarketplace is getting bigger every day. We're constantly adding new features and plugins for plentymarkets 7. But what if you're looking for a specific plugin or feature that we haven't covered (yet)? One possible solution: crowdfunding! We'd like to introduce you to the very first plugin that was created as a joint project.

Foto Heidi Pfannes
08.03.2018 15:51
from Heidi Pfannes

You see it from the corner of your eye: the iridescent flash. You look around the somewhat antiquated store and it changes in the blink of an eye. Its new appearance grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Suddenly everything seems to shine in a new light.

Foto Maximilian Bochenek
30.06.2017 12:30
from Maximilian Bochenek

Great news for ambitious online retailers: a new plugin lets you add the popular e-commerce platform Shopify to your plentymarkets system! This powerful combination is both advantageous for sellers and easy to set up. This article provides you with everything you need to know about the powerhouse that is plentymarkets 7 + Shopify.

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