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25.06.2020 12:00
from Jonas Schaeling

Sell wherever the customers are. Who wouldn't want that? No matter whether it is virtually in online marketplaces, in an online shop, or in real life at the checkout of the shop counter, with plentymarkets, you can manage everything centrally. In many channels, your customers pay with PayPal. It is about time to have the complete PayPal dispute solution integrated into your E-Commerce software and we are one of the first in Europe to have completed this.

Dispute management

Usually, there aren't any conflicts during the purchase process. Customers choose their goods, order and pay. The goods are shipped, they arrive with the customer, both sides are satisfied. But what about when sales don't go so smoothly? Log out of plentymarkets and log in to PayPal to manage the dispute? Give your own access data to employees? With our integrated PayPal dispute solution, all this belongs to the past.

The "Messenger" central message module in plentymarkets now gives you direct access to the message history of the PayPal dispute solution. All communication regarding the PayPal dispute case can be handled via the "Messenger" and is assigned an order number there. That makes it possible to easily perform many operations in plentymarkets. For example, responding to inquiries, providing tracking numbers or other evidence, or making refunds and partial refunds.

Do you want an employee to handle the dispute in PayPal for you? No problem! Instead of giving them the access data to your PayPal account, a simple approval in plentymarkets is sufficient. Have you come to an agreement with the customer? Great! Simply use the plug-in for PayPal dispute resolution directly in plentymarkets and conveniently carry out the action. Super easy, isn't it? The only thing that's even easier is the integration of the new feature. Our specially developed wizard will guide you through the installation, and your plug-in will be ready to use in just a few minutes. It's time for the next plentymarkets innovation in your system. Get it at sprechende URL

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