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29.08.2018 14:30
from Maximilian Bochenek

Want to speed things up? How about a time to first byte under 100ms? Thanks to the plentymarkets ShopBooster and content caching, your Ceres online store can achieve incredibly fast loading times. Your customers will enjoy the high-speed shopping experience and your SEO statistics be put into overdrive. This article teaches you everything you need to know about our new plentymarkets add-on.


ShopBooster is a new add-on for plentymarkets. It caches page content in Ceres stores and thus improves their loading times. Since data is temporarily stored in the cache, webpages don't have to be completely re-loaded every time they are accessed. Data stays in the cache once it's been generated or loaded. This allows data to be retrieved quicker if the page is accessed again in the future. The upgrade not only improves the shopping experience in your store, but it also improves your SEO ranking since web crawlers will be able to crawl a larger number of pages during the same amount of time.

plentymarkets Time to first byte
Time to first byte before and after activation of ShopBooster

Lightning quick beta testers!

ShopBooster was ready for beta testing in July. Initially, we asked customers to try out the feature in test systems. But by the end of July, we had begun testing ShopBooster in productive systems too. Seven customers participated in the beta phase and the results speak for themselves. The average "time to first byte" is below 100 milliseconds and we were able to improve the "fully loaded time" by up to three seconds. All in all, the beta testers were quite satisfied with ShopBooster.

I'm pretty happy. Google Page Speed awarded our mobile homepage 99/100 points. Our other pages ranked well too - better than before. The store is noticeably faster. Even Google noticed that our performance had improved.
Jens Volke (

Content Caching made our online store much faster. Every fraction of a second helps retain customers. If a page loads slowly, then customers might bail out. Thanks to state-of-the-art content caching, we can give our customers an ideal shopping experience. They can quickly navigate through the store, find items that they like and pay for their purchases.
Nicolas Willimek (

You can't wait any longer?

Good news: ShopBooster is compatible with Ceres versions 2.14 and higher. Customers who have booked our "Classic" rate can already begin using the feature in their plentymarkets 7 systems. Simply open the menu System » Client » Store name » Online store » ShopBooster to activate the function. Customers who have booked our "PAYG" rate will be able to use the feature sometime around September 2018.

High speed - low cost

ShopBooster isn't expensive. We charge £0.004 for 100 page views and changes. Small stores can expect to pay approximately £10 per month or less.

A page view is what happens when a customer or a web crawler accesses a URL for your store. A change is what happens when you do one of the following:

  • Update item and category data
  • Update Shop Builder pages
  • Deploy plugins
  • Save settings for your online store
  • Invalidate the cache when deactivating the ShopBooster

The costs will never exceed £100 per month for each store. Any additional page views and changes will be free. Other providers charge a significantly higher price for similar services. Of course, you can always see information about your traffic and its costs.

We hope you're just as excited as we are to put your Ceres store into high gear!

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