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23.10.2020 11:13
from Jonas Schaeling

Greater reach, good customer service and fast shipping routes translate to more sales. As a retailer, you rely on the Amazon Fulfilment Amazon FBA, among other things. You benefit from the PRIME label, fast delivery by Amazon in many countries, lower shipping costs and many other advantages. 

In this service model, Amazon takes care of storage, shipping, customer service and the processing of returned goods for you. Currently, however, organising your products in conjunction with FBA involves a lot of time and a software system change. As you know, we are constantly working on integrating all the important functions and interfaces for you in plentymarkets. The logical consequence: for you as a plentymarkets user, different software and the associated changes will be a thing of the past! You can now use Amazon FBA directly in plentymarkets. You will be much more efficient, from rebooking to creating the shipping list to optimal picking and packaging.

Simple, quick and convenient

With FBA Inbound you import your shipments into plentymarkets. Make sure that you have set up Amazon for yourself, that your variations are prepared and that the variation export is set up. The integrated tool simplifies the transfer of your goods to the various logistics centres. The package contents list shows you clearly which articles you are planning to transfer. Then select the optimal shipping options directly in the system, display the corresponding fees and confirm your shipment. Finally, you will receive the shipping documents and get your goods on their way. It's that simple, that's how simple plentymarkets is. And we have also provided a perfect overview, because: you can check the status of your shipments in the system at any time. The current inventory can also be viewed. For you, this means more time savings, the best possible overview and much easier management of your shipments in addition to all the advantages of Amazon FBA. This is how growth becomes easy, because we grow together!

Use the advantages of Amazon FBA Inbound in your plentymarkets system now. You can find detailed instructions here:

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