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Foto Annika Fischer
30.11.2020 07:26
from Annika Fischer

This is what you've been waiting for. plentymarkets can now be connected to the Fashion Cloud B2B platform. Fashion Cloud is the all-in-one platform for the fashion industry. There are already 15,000 retailers and 500 brands on the platform, with more to come. As a plentySeller, you can now run the platform directly via your system. 

Fashion Cloud is connected via a plugin from Storeplus and is available for download from the plentyMarketplace. This opens up new possibilities for you, such as carrying out all steps on Fashion Cloud via your plentymarkets system – no need to flick between different programs. Gone are the days of time-consuming manual synchronisation as the plugin automatically updates stocks on a daily basis.  Automating this process lightens your workload, and the associated costs can be seen clearly and are always up to date. This new innovation in the fashion industry is also made much more straightforward thanks to ready-made content. This means that your new online shop is quick to configure and get up and running.

New collection? Thank goodness for EAN direct online comparison!

The perfect e-commerce solution for day-to-day work and for when time is of the essence. By comparing EAN codes on a daily basis, the platform allows you to put new collections online right away. New product data are made available on Fashion Cloud and can be used in plentymarkets straight away, without the additional step of importing the products. The automatic updates take into account all stored data and associated product images. This saves you valuable time in terms of entering new inventory and allows you to reach your full sales potential – in-store and online. All orders can be effortlessly managed and carried out via your plentymarkets.

Marketing and image material – always up to date

Shared access to marketing material also generates unique added value for you. New content is automatically imported into plentymarkets, and pre-existing marketing material is compared with material from Fashion Cloud. Tediously exchanging data and enquiring about updates via email is now a thing of the past as you and your brands now always have the latest material via the cloud. User-friendly, fast and always up to date. What more could you want?

Get started with your fashion shop now and download the new plugin from the plentyMarketplace:


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