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Foto Helena Schwab
26.03.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

It's easy to get lost in the e-commerce jungle. New sellers and offers pop up all the time and the terrain is ever changing. What will tomorrow bring? Where should sellers focus their attention? How can they reach their goals? The questions seem to be unanswerable... and yet, there is hope!

plentymarkets Channel Shooter

A lush, green jungle as far as the eye can see. Everything is peaceful and still. But there's something at the edge of this idyllic scene - large platforms - what are they doing here? Are other sellers right to be afraid? Beneath the canopy, the inner ecosystem can seem chaotic. There's hectic movement everywhere. Sellers fall and new ones sprout up in their place. Some of the residents are starting to panic. They don't trust the newcomers. Others have given up all hope - will they be lost forever?

The hero of wider reach

Our fearless hero is making her way through the thicket. A mysterious, masked being, so fast that she's nearly invisible to the naked eye. Led by her quick wit and impeccable sense of direction, she and her protégés are always sure to reach their goal. She senses when new developments or changes are on their way and she modifies her strategy as needed. She knows there's no reason to fear the large, ominous platforms looming on the horizon. She understands that they're crucial to our future. She's made it her mission to find lost sellers and get them back on track.

Her mission: help you sell where your customers are! She expertly uses her bow and arrow to quickly bring your products to the world's largest markets. Her wide reach and platform-specific product placement are only some of her strengths. Our hero's bravery inspires courage in those who are lost or trapped. She helps them break free and face a golden future.

The solution: plentymarkets multi-channel

Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and into unexplored territory? Let Channel Shooter accompany you on your quest and equip you with all the right tools.

Armed with plentymarkets multi-channel, she helps you sell your products on over 40 markets worldwide and customise your offers for the markets where they're sold. Automatic data synchronisation saves you the trouble of manually importing and exporting data. Just pick an interval and you're ready to go! plentymarkets stock management tools help you keep track of your stock so that your customers never go home empty handed.

plentymarkets comes equipped with countless features that help you expand your multi-channel sales. Improve your eBay listings with practical plugins and attract new customers by selling on international markets like Amazon. By linking your business with FBA, your products practically ship themselves rather than getting stuck in the fulfilment wilderness.

Let Channel Shooter help you mix and match your multi-channel strategy and take the lead in e-commerce.

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