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12.07.2019 08:45
from Heidi Pfannes

A lot has happened since we first introduced the ShopBuilder over a year ago. Many of you knew right from the start that you would only use the ShopBuilder once you could use it to design your item pages. The time has come. The release of Ceres version 4.1 makes it possible to design item pages – and much more.

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The item view is the linchpin of every online store. We have made the ShopBuilder fit for item pages and added nine new widgets, ranging from the “Add to shopping cart” button to the availabilities icons. The ShopBuilder now provides everything you need for fully customising the display of your item catalogue. Naturally, you can also use most of the other ShopBuilder widgets on your item pages.

We have also expanded the inline editor, which is now able to include item data fields, such as manufacturer, variation number and model. While editing the texts of your widgets, the data field tree on the left side provides a large number of placeholders, which you can add to your text by clicking the corresponding data field. These placeholders also include variation properties, which many of you have been waiting for.

The community contributed amply to the current version of the open source project Ceres. They added the possibility of providing a CSS class per widget, so that each widget can be styled individually. That’s customisability!

In order to prevent you from being overwhelmed by the vast possibilities of customisation, we’ve added a preset for the single item view, which mirrors the conventional Ceres item page. It is the ideal springboard from which you can begin exploring the ShopBuilder’s item view.

These are only a few highlights of the current Ceres version. Of course we’ve also eliminated a great many bugs and added a number of smaller features, that are detailed in our comprehensive changelog. We hope that you are as happy with the ShopBuilder as we are and enjoy the new features.

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