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30.08.2017 11:07

plentymarkets 7 can now be accessed via a central login page. This feature allows us to separate the back end from the front end thus making plentymarkets more secure. This change prevents session hijacking and closes potential gaps in the front end. plentymarkets users will now access their back ends via an encrypted connection.

Zentraler Login plentymarkets

Security. Usability. Performance.

The new feature especially benefits users with multiple systems. All systems in one cloud can be accessed via a single URL.

Last but not least – the plentymarkets Terra back end will experience a great improvement in performance. Terra also comes with a new settings tree. You will find an overview in our forum.

One login-url for all systems

plentymarkets customers with a system hosted on the AWS Frankfurt cloud can now log in to their back ends using the plentyID, the user name and the password via the following URL:

Customers with a system on AWS Dublin access the login page via:

You can bookmark the URL after entering the plentyID and name the bookmark, e.g. store name. Please visit the forum for more information and feedback.

What about the former login routine?

The former login routine using individual URLs remains unchanged during the beta phase and even afterwards.

After the beta phase, all new systems will only be accessible via the new login routine. Also, the Terra back end will only be available via the central login page.

Current plentymarkets users will still be able to use the Classic back end until after Christmas before the old login routine will be switched off.

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