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22.08.2014 14:38
from Jan Griesel

plentymarkets opened a branch office in London, UK at the beginning of the year. "Whoever wants to expand internationally definitely needs to go to London". That is why the management has chosen London as the destination.UK's e-commerce is gaining ground and plentymarkets provides access to new markets for our customers in Germany and around the world.

What is plentymarkets?

plentymarkets is a German e-commerce company. Jan Griesel founded the company in 2001. It was initially limited to an eBay solution but quickly developed into a comprehensive shopsystem.
Today, plentymarkets is an all-in-one solution for all important e-commerce processes such as B2B and B2C sales, payment and invoicing, fulfillment and return management. This all-in-one solution has integrated numerous markets such as eBay, Amazon and Yatego. The plentymarkets back end is available in German and English. The front end can be created in more than 15 languages.

Why did plentymarkets expand abroad?

The company is well-established in Germany and known for efficiently combining all of the processes that are important for a successful online store in one software. We have an extensive customer base that is growing every day.
plentymarkets now employs more than 100 staff members and its numbers continue to increase. More and more customers from all over Europe are getting interested in the all-in-one solution. Hence, we had the idea of opening an office abroad that brings much more comfort to our customers who are not from Germany.

Why was the UK the right choice as a location?

We carefully considered which country would be best for our expansion and carried out a project to find the ideal location. We decided on the UK as it is a large e-commerce market and an international hub not only for online trading.
E-commerce is growing by about 18% each year in the UK. About 51.4 million internet users, who represent 82.4 % of the population, generate an annual revenue of 1.079£ per person. E-commerce is growing by about 15% each year in Germany as well. Here, about 61 million internet users, representing 79.8 % of the population, generate a yearly revenue of around 380£ per person.
If we compare the revenue per person of both countries, we see that the UK's revenue is almost three times higher than Germany's, while having fewer internet users.

How did plentymarkets prepare for its debut in London?

The idea to open an office in the UK was born.
Carsten Brassel is the new UK Country Manager at plentymarkets Ltd. He moved to London at the beginning of the year to launch the project. He spent several months last year learning about the mentality, habits and customs in the UK and how to conform to them. First he had to find a flat, an appropriate office and employees to help him get the new office started.
It was no easy task, but was very successful in the end!

plentymarkets has successfully started on the British e-commerce market and has made its debut in London. After 8 months, we are very happy to have taken this step.

Carsten Brassel

Carsten Brassel

My name is Carsten. I am the new Country Manager for the UK and have been working in the eCommerce sector for plentymarkets since 2009. Previously, I was the team leader for our support team in Germany and I am now taking the opportunity to bring plentymarkets to the UK.

Jason Humphrey

Jason Humphrey

My name is Jason. I am the UK Client Relations Manager and have been working for plentymarkets since 2014. I have been active in the fields of eCommerce management, merchandising and online customer relations since 2010.

Mits Ryiat

Mits Riyat

My name is Mits. I am the EMEA Sales Director and have been working for plentymarkets since 2014. I have year-long experience in the SAAS market arena and established expertise in consulting online businesses and redesigning their workflows and strategies.

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