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12.07.2023 13:00
from Ingo Röger

plentysystems Monthly Product News | July 2023

The monthly overview of the latest developments from the plentysystems product world. This month with reviews of our product areas of the past development period and outlooks on the upcoming operating plan.



Topics in the video

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00:17 - Rebranding Technology / Software platform plentysystems

In the course of launching our enterprise product offering plentyONE, our technology, formerly known as plentymarkets, has also undergone a rebranding. From now on, our software runs under the name plentysystems - accordingly, this monthly format now carries the name plentysystems Product News.

00:33 - Achievements from OP2 2022: Product Innovations

To mark the end of the last development period in May, we are looking back at our achievements in the form of Product Innovations and have listed the features that the Product Areas have been developing over the past six months.

View the Product Innovations

01:17 - Start of OP1 2023

OP1 2023 was launched in June. The Product Areas have compiled a list of Key Initiatives in their Operating Plan that they will work on in the new development period.

02:14 - Business Development | plentyRoadmap

A global roadmap to OP 1 2023 has been published in the handbook and lists the topics of the Product Areas including status of processing and further links.

View the plentyRoadmap

02:41 - Business Development | Guided Tours for plentyShop setup

In the plentyShop area, our Guided Tours can now be used to perform the initial setup. In addition, there are numerous other Guided Tours that offer help and step-by-step instructions for the configuration of plentysystems and are continuously being expanded.

More on Guided Tours im forum and on our blog

03:16 - Business Development | Modernization of plentyShop UIs

The plentyShop user interfaces were converted to Angular framework to increase usability and user-friendliness.

More on plentyShop-UIs

03:54 - Business Development | plentyShop PWA & Vue Storefront integration

The central topic of the Product Area for the new OP is plentyShopPWA incl. Vue storefront integration. A timeline is currently being prepared for the release - further information will be published shortly. There, you will learn what the new technology is about and how we will ensure a modern frontend with successive feature releases.

04:59 - Multichannel | Review: New sales channels

In the past development period, numerous new sales channels were made accessible via plentysystems. On the one hand, the Kaufland interface was expanded so that you can now sell in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and on the other hand, target group-specific marketplaces such as Wayfair for the product category Home & Garden and Decathlon for the area of Sports & Outdoor were connected. As a further sales channel, eMag is about to be released.

05:53 - Multichannel | Review: Catalogue & Master template

In the background, intense work was done on the integration of the catalog master template, which is now largely completed. Now the implementation for different marketplaces has to be pushed forward. The focus here lies on the Amazon catalog, since previously used flat files will now be replaced by an API. In the course of this, the master template is also being integrated, which will allow values to be inherited and settings to be copied to other categories. Furthermore, in addition to continuous optimization of the master template, a multi-account capable Zalando catalogue and a catalogue for Marktkauf will be developed.

07:25 - OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder

At the end of OP2 2022, the DocumentBuilder was released in an open beta and additional document types were integrated. In the future, DocumentBuilder is to be the sole option for setting up business-relevant documents - however, the old functionalities will not be deactivated before 2024.

10:02 - OMS & Automation | plentyFlow

The Product Area plans to make the first version of plentyFlow available in the fall, i.e. to make the first filters, events and triggers available to give a preview of the possibilities.

10:42 - OMS & Automation | OrderUI

The new OrderUI has already been rolled out and is being used extensively. Open issues are being worked on and implemented in the current OP, so that the expansion of the functionalities can be started afterwards.

12:01 - OMS & Automation | Fulfillment: Catalogue formats

The export formats in the fulfillment area are to be replaced by catalogues. Instead of the extensive list of formats, standard templates will be provided in the future that can be customized individually.

12:58 - CRM & Goods | Messenger

The goal is to offer a better alternative for the existing ticket system based on Messenger in the mid-term. Accordingly, user interfaces have already been optimized based on user feedback, states have been added, and performance has been improved. Now, among other things, an eBay integration and migration option is being worked on.

14:12 - CRM & Goods | Stock Management

While some features for reservations were already made available in the last OP, work on performance is now being carried out across all areas so that a high number of orders can also be processed smoothly. In addition, functions such as pending reservations, i.e. reservations for stock that is not yet in the warehouse, bundle reservations and shopping cart reservations are being developed.

15:31 - CRM & Goods | ItemUI

In the new user interface in the article area, functional gaps have been closed, with views such as for article sets and listings. In addition, new aspects have already been added, like a change history. This ensures that it is possible to see which person has made adjustments to which value. Furthermore, an editable toolbar has been rolled out, which will also be used in other areas in the future. Inline table editing is coming soon, after collected input from a feedback round has been implemented. In addition to migration options from characteristics to properties, work on a catalogue preview is underway in the new OP, which will make it possible to create a view of the corresponding item in a marketplace and improve the experience when dealing with content management.

17:11 - CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse

In plentyWarehouse, permission management for controlling the available functions at user level was released most recently. In the coming period, the optimization of existing features, such as rolling picking, as well as new features, such as single order picking, will be addressed.

18:06 - Platform | New SSO-enabled login

A new login will soon be available by the platform area, which will enable a single sign-on, i.e. the option to log in with third-party credentials, such as Google or Apple.


Starting next month, this format will again provide information on the status of product development and insights into the successive implementation of initiatives from OP1 2023.

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