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16.05.2023 08:00
from Ingo Röger

plentymarkets Monthly Product News | May 2023

The monthly overview of the latest developments out of the plentymarkets product world. This month with updates on the OrderUI and DocumentBuilder, various new features in the areas of plentyWarehouse, Item and CRM, as well as most current information on Google Analytics Plugin and Shopbooster.



Topics in this video

Click on the linked timestamps to jump directly to the corresponding part of our video:

01:06 - OMS & Automation | OrderUI: Implementation Customer Feedback / Preparation Roll Out

The OrderUI is on the home stretch and the valuable feedback from the forum and the public reviews is currently being implemented. After going live, the new user interface will be continuously developed.

2:00 - OMS & Automation | DocumentBuilder: Launch Open Beta Phase & Features

The DocumentBuilder will enter an open beta phase at the beginning of June so that the new functions can be tested extensively. In the future, you will be able to use DocumentBuilder to design documents based on the order referrer and to generate X-invoices. This format is already a requirement in public authorities in some European countries. Please share your findings from the tests with us in the forum.

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03:08 - CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: Permissions, Voice Output, Incoming Goods Protocol

Permissions in plentyWarehouse have now been extended to the visibility of individual features. There will be a step by step rollout to prevent user rights from being missing unexpectedly. Detailed information will be provided in mid-May. With version 1.0.10, the voice output for the incoming goods has now also been released.

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Furthermore, the incoming goods protocol can be designed according to individual requirements in the future using DocumentBuilder technology - this function will be released in the coming weeks.

05:02 - CRM & Goods | plentyPOS: Additional information on Position

In plentyPOS, additional information such as variation ID, purchase price or RRP can be displayed as a separate line for each item on the receipt. Thus, you can configure individually, which values should be displayed in addition to the general item information.

05:40 - CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: Upcoming Topics

In the upcoming Operating Plan, plentyWarehouse is working on creating a new picking option: single order picking. This should be particularly helpful for click&collect processes.

06:22 - CRM & Goods | Item: Inline Table Editing, Changelog, Group Function Properties

The product area has made further progress regarding inline table editing in the item area, that is, the possibility of editing variation information directly in the overview without having to open the detailed view. After some usability tests, the development was started and will be completed shortly.

In an early version, the change history to the variation or item has now already been made available. This means that the information can now be conveniently tracked in the individual entity. A rollout to stable is planned for the coming weeks.

The editing of multiple variations using the group function now also allows the setting of properties, which significantly simplifies the entry of additional information. This new feature is already available.

Additionally, errors in price calculations are now displayed directly in the ItemUI so that corresponding adjustments can be made.

07:48 - CRM & Goods | CRM: Event Procedures Messenger, User Interfaces, Outlook

For the Messenger, efforts are underway to deploy event procedures in order to further automate customer service and replace the ticket system in the long run.

In addition, the migration of all data records and functions from the old technology is ongoing. The end-of-life of the ticket system will take place with sufficient lead time and only when all functions are also available in Messenger.

While gradually improvements to the user interfaces of Messenger and Contacts are currently being released, the UI of the Company entity will also be revised in the next few weeks.

08:59 - CRM & Goods | plentyBI: Units, Payment-KPIs

The tiles for displaying important key figures in plentyBI now also output default units. Furthermore, it is possible for users to define their own units. Furthermore, payment metrics now also flow into the new BI dashboard, so that incoming payments or unallocated payments can now be displayed.

10:13 - Business Development | plentyShop: Google Analytics Plugin, Shopbooster, User Interface

On July 01, Google will switch off Universal Analytics and rely exclusively on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from this point on. Accordingly, the existing Universal Analytics will be deactivated on the cutoff date and will no longer generate new data. A new major version of the plentymarkets Google Analytics plugin is compatible with the new GA4 properties, so all users who already use the plugin are advised to update.

More in our Forumor at Google

Additional parameters have been added to Shopbooster so that more content can now be loaded from the cache and pages can be displayed even faster. In addition, the invalidation logic has been optimized to identify changes to item information faster and more reliably. Thus, the performance and the buying experience of the store can be increased. The Product Area is also working on modernizing the plentyShop user interfaces to bring them up to the latest technology and improve the user experience.

12:06 - Outlook & Outro

Next month, you'll learn more about the important new product roadmaps for the upcoming Operating Plan, our six-month development period starting in June. Since this format, the Monthly Product News, will accompany the upcoming development period, we ask for feedback in the video comments on YouTube: How do you like the format? What can we improve to keep you better informed about our product development?

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