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13.04.2023 12:30
from Ingo Röger

plentymarkets Monthly Product News | April 2023

The monthly overview of the latest developments out of the plentymarkets product world. Quick, compact and concise, also available as a YouTube video. This month with updates to plentyShopPWA and the Shopbooster, a new version of the plentyWarehouse App, news concerning the OrderUI and a few additional sales channels.



Topics in the video

Click on the linked timestamps to jump directly to the corresponding part of our video:

01:05 - Business Development | plentyShopPWA Hackathon 2023

The plentyShopPWA Hackathon 2023 took place with over 40 participants, some remote and some at our headquarters in Kassel. Participants were able to gain initial development experience with our future store technology and work together on various task packages with Vue Storefront and the PWA. This allowed the Product Area to gather valuable feedback for further product development.

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2:02 - Business Development | Shopbooster Roll Out & URL Parameters

The rollout of the Shopbooster to every system has been completed. The high-performance cache is now activated permanently and free of charge as a central feature for every plentyShop.

More in our forum

In addition, Shopbooster now offers the possibility to add additional query parameters in order to load plentyShop pages with those from Shopbooster cache. It is also possible to exclude certain query parameters from the Shopbooster caching.

Learn more in our forum or in our manual

03:26 - CRM & Goods | plentyWarehouse: New Features

The new app version 1.0.9 offers a number of new features, such as the option to split positions in incoming goods in order to assign them to separate storage locations or to divide them according to batches or shelf life. Furthermore, the order notes in rolling picking have been expanded to include information about the item and storage location when an error status is assigned during picking.

More in our forum

04:45 - OMS & Automation | OrderUI: Roll Out & Updates on CompactView

The compact view of OrderUI has been rolled out to the stable systems and can now be used and individually compiled with the help of MyView. New features include the ability to color-code elements and rename individual fields. We ask you to test the use of the new OrderUI extensively to communicate customization requests and bugs in the forum.

07:44 - plentyChannel | Marketplace Integration Wayfair

The marketplace for furniture and home decoration Wayfair can now be connected. The official plugin is available in plentyMarketplace. In addition, the manual offers detailed instructions on how to set it up.

Get the plugin in plentyMarketplace

Go to our manual

08:27 - plentyChannel | Go Live Kaufland CZ

After the launch of Kaufland Slovakia, the marketplace has now also opened its doors in the Czech Republic. Information on the setup is available in the manual.

Go to our manual

08:45 - plentyChannel | Simplified Setup Amazon

Processes for the new Amazon settings are gradually being implemented. Currently, the new version is running alongside the old settings. We need user feedback here in order to make any necessary adjustments.

More in our forum

09:19 - Current Operating Plans

The current Operating Plan 2 is drawing to a close and planning for the coming development period is in full swing. Thus, ongoing projects are now being completed, which is why the next Monthly Product News will contain interesting information.


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