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10.04.2019 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

It's a tough decision. You want to use a different shop system for your online store, but you don't want to miss out all the features that plentymarkets has to offer. Why not get the best of both worlds? There's a new connector, which lets you easily link your Magento 2 online store with plentymarkets!

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Magento 2 – maximum flexibility thanks to its open source model

Magento 2 helps sellers create custom online stores. The shop system, which has been part of Adobe since 2018, uses an open source model and allows sellers to modify the interface. Thanks to a wide range of plugins, sellers can also customise the layout as needed.

Adobe and plentymarkets – a great combination

The new Magento 2 connector, Mage2Plenty, was developed by Softcommerce. It helps sellers easily connect their Magento 2 stores with plentymarkets. Mage2Plenty allows both systems to communicate with each other and makes it possible for sellers to easily manage their stores from within plentymarkets.

Sellers get the best of both worlds: the amazing flexibility of a Magento 2 store and the omni-channel power, automatic processes and practical cloud technology of plentymarkets!

Other sellers have already connected plentymarkets and Magento 2 with Mage2Plenty. One such example is the store, which has been successful using the software.

Mage2Plenty can:

  • synchronise orders
  • synchronise products & categories
  • synchronise customer data
  • synchronise stock levels
  • import/export products, properties and categories
  • support multi-stores
  • …and much more!

Mage2Plenty is available in the plentyMarketplace:

View Mage2Plenty

Get a 30% discount!

plentymarkets customers can use the code PLENTYMARKETS30 to get a 30% discount on Mage2Plenty. You'll get 60 days of free support when buying the software. Additional support can be purchased as needed.

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