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A good e-commerce ERP grows to meet the needs of its users. styleBREAKER is a good example of a company that used plentymarkets to continuously improve it's business processes. Time and time again, they found new ways of using the software to bring their business forward. This is a success story about an up-and-coming fashion company.

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When a side gig turns into a full-time job

Stefanie Kapp exaggerated slightly when she called her company just "a bit of extra income". But that was her original plan when she first founded styleBREAKER along with two other business partners. No one anticipated that the number of employees would grow from 3 to 28 in just a few years. Or that their basement storage room would be replaced by a large warehouse. styleBREAKER started out in 2012 by selling trendy accessories in their online store. But soon the company began following a multi-channel strategy and offering products on Amazon and eBay too. In the beginning, they didn't spend much time looking for a software solution. Instead, they meticulously created invoices on their home computer after a long day's work. But the number of orders kept increasing and soon the work load was too much to handle. They needed a solution.

Mit plentymarkets gewachsen

The webshop of the fashion company styleBREAKER.

When Stefanie Kapp started using plentymarkets, she saw many different possibilities for automating the business processes in her office and her warehouse. It didn't take long for styleBREAKER to begin improving their most tedious day-to-day tasks - it was a real time-saver! styleBREAKER also profits from the fact that plentymarkets includes a large number of interfaces to major online marketplaces. They no longer have to manage each sales channel separately. Instead, they can control everything from one central location - even their international sales.

Thanks to plentymarkets, styleBREAKER was able to focus on expanding their business.

Nowadays, we've got about 2700 m² of storage space in two different warehouses. We've been able to simplify our day-to-day tasks with the help of processes for booking incoming items, single-order picking, multi-order picking, packing, etc.
Stefanie Kapp Geschäftsführerin styleBREAKER

Great service leads to satisfied customers

Buyers appreciate the company's great service, which always goes the extra mile to offer customers a bit more. styleBREAKER makes sure that it only sends high-quality products to customers by checking every single item before it's shipped. They also add helpful instructions and styling tips to their products. For example, every belt comes with instructions on how it can be shortened. Even before customers make a purchase, the styleBREAKER team does their best to give fashionistas a bit of extra service: We use our blog and instructional YouTube videos to give customers information, styling tips, make-up suggestions and all-around fashion advice.

The styleBREAKER team has a WhatsApp workstation in their warehouse, which they use to provide customers additional support. It's an easy way to communicate with customers and help them find the right accessories or stylish colours. styleBREAKER then sends potential customers photos and links of what they've found in stock. Customers appreciate the quick response times and the competent advice. If a buyer is unhappy with their purchase, then styleBREAKER does everything in their power to process the return as quickly as possible. Regardless whether the customer wants to exchange the item or get their money back, styleBREAKER processes returns quickly so that customers always have a perfect shopping experience. That's all possible thanks to a well thought out warehouse and plentymarkets, which helps sellers fulfil orders quickly and easily. Stefanie Kapp is thrilled with the software:

A seller recently came to visit. He wanted to take a look at our warehouse. We gave him a scanner and asked him to help us pack a few items. At first he was a bit confused because he's not familiar with our product line or our warehouse. But after showing him how to use the scanner, he was able to pack 50 orders without any problems at
Products in the rooms of sytleBREAKER

Looking toward the future

styleBREAKER has translated their item texts into multiple languages and they've begun using their online store and various online marketplaces to sell their products throughout Europe. They're not currently planning to open their own brick and mortar store, but they're open to the idea of selling styleBREAKER products through other sales partners. One of the company's goals is to advertise their products in their very own TV commercial. Who knows, maybe we'll see the new styleBREAKER ad on TV soon if their business keeps booming.

There are still a lot more functions in plentymarkets that we haven't used yet, but I think we'll start working with them as our business grows. 
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