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Shining light on online consulting

The company "Licht+Design Skapetze GmbH & Co. KG" is located in Simbach am Inn and has been selling high-quality lighting for indoors and outdoors since 1980. The company sets itself apart from the competition by creating individual lighting plans for its customers and by offering online consultations. This article takes a look at the lighting specialists from south-eastern Bavaria and their recipe for success!

  • Consulting
    as a unique selling point
  • Omni-Channel
    is the future

The Bavarian company Skapetze has over 30 years of experience selling light fixtures. It's only natural that their employees have come to know the ins and outs of every product and have gained lots of experience in customer consultation. Skapetze's goal is to apply this expertise to online sales. They've been very successful with the concept so far. Thanks to their custom online consultation, the company has been able to set itself apart from their online competition. "Anyone can list a product catalogue online. But lots of online stores are unable to cope as soon as a customer picks up the phone or sends an e-mail asking for advice. They're just missing the necessary experience and know-how. We understand how important it is to offer consultations and we're happy to advise customers online."

We are aware of the relevance of consulting and also make our experience available to our customers online.
Thomas Krodinger Head of IT Skapetze

Consultation as a unique selling point

Licht+Design Skapetze has mastered the art of individual online consultation. Since home and office lighting depend on several different factors such as interior design, personal taste and function, the company came up with a clever plan. They allow customers to send room plans and photos of their interior design and furniture. This helps customers easily describe their plans and it helps Skapetze offer professional consultation based on their customers' needs. The LED strip configurator is another gadget, which helps customers put together strips of LED lights according to their needs. Their online store, which includes a consultation area, has been nominated for the plenty Award twice. Customers love the concept. Their services are appreciated by private customers and companies alike – they've worked together with numerous hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

The LED configurator is used as a means of online consulting.

Reaching customers with plentymarkets

Private labels such as s.Luce are also distributed by Skapetze.

Along with selling products that were manufactured by other companies, Skapetze has also been selling their own brand of lighting for over 20 years. By selling their own brand, which they've named s.LUCE., the company is able to offer much lower prices. Not only do they sell their lamps in a brick and mortar store and an online store, but thanks to the multi-channel functions in plentymarkets, they also sell their lamps on numerous marketplaces. Their strategy is to sell on a wide range of platforms – Skapetze is not only active on well-known platforms but also on several, smaller marketplaces. That way, they are able to reach a wide range of customers and get their products out into the world.

Future plans: expand omnichannel sales

Skapetze plans to use the plugin technology in plentymarkets 7 to reach even more marketplaces. They're especially interested in reaching sales platforms that specialise in lifestyle and interior design.

They're also planning to improve upon their brick and mortar store. Not only do they want to expand their current location, but they also want to grow even further so that they can continue to offer customers the best consultation possible.

We wish them nothing but success for all of their future projects!
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