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The Kassel start-up Lumizil is revolutionising the furniture industry. The company was founded in 2015, but it has already become a major player when it comes to lamps and lighting. Processes are automated and carried out at the speed of light so that customers don't have to wait long for their new show pieces. This article looks at how plentymarkets lit the path to success for the eleven employees and their satisfied customers.

  • 2015
  • Softwaremix:
    plentymarkets und Shopware

Want to see your house in a whole new light? Lumizil GmbH makes it possible. Lumizil is a unique start-up within the furniture industry. The company neither manufactures their own light fixtures and home accessories nor stores products in a warehouse. Lumizil is a classic seller and ships lamps directly from the manufacturer to the customer. With this business idea, the company from Kassel started a small revolution within the old-fashioned furniture industry.

Why should sellers store items before sending them on? There's a quicker way.
Lena Schaumann Founder Lumizil GmbH

Lumizil knows how to live out their multi-channel concept with cross-marketing better than any other company. They expertly combine brick and mortar furniture sales together with the fast pace of online business. They have an extra large selection of over 20,000 lamps, light fixtures and home accessories in every style. All of their products are managed with their smart plentymarkets system. Furthermore, plentymarkets helps them stay in contact with all of their manufacturers. The company uses the online platform to ship its products throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Lumizil's sales area is home to many tasteful products for design fans

Process optimisation with a flexible system

Complicated jobs need to be done clearly and efficiently. For example, Lumizil integrated 16 different warehouses, which are used for drop-shipping, as well as a wide range of marketplaces (Amazon, eBay,, Allyouneed) and listings on multiple platforms. This helps the company ensure that orders are processed quickly and reliably. In numbers, this boils down to an average of 0.8 minutes per order in their customer service centre. Lumizil uses plentymarkets to automate every step of the order process, from the moment a product is purchased, all the way to payment, shipping and customer feedback.

We always wanted a system that we can set up and use ourselves. This gives us maximum flexibility. plentymarkets offered us just that. Together with their great support team, we not only managed to link our online store to plentymarkets, but we also managed to link our brick and mortar store as well. We've finally reached 100% multi-channel sales 

plentymarkets & Shopware: the best of both worlds

The Lumizil online store is perfectly linked to plentymarkets, resulting in maximum freedom of design and action for the company.

Even though Lumizil relies heavily on plentymarkets, it's not the only system they use. Shopware has accompanied their online store from the very beginning. “We used to have another online store, which worked perfectly fine with Shopware. That's why we decided to go with Shopware for the Limizil online store as well. The only thing we didn’t use it for was processing orders, which is where plentymarkets came into play”, said Lena Schaumann. Lumizil uses Shopware to give customers the perfect shopping experience in their online store. Whereas plentymarkets is responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes – from database maintenance to order processing. “plentymarkets is particularly strong when it comes to multi-channel and process automation”, stated the young entrepreneur. Lumizil seamlessly combined both tools and got the best of both worlds for their online furniture store.

There’s no delay between when an order is placed in our online store and when we can begin processing it. 
How does it work? “Ever since plentymarkets 7 was released, the connection to Shopware has been great. Shopware and all its various plugins are particularly well-suited for selling products. Shopware made it really easy to design our online store and do the groundwork for plentymarkets. And plentymarkets is a great tool, which functions correctly and is extremely fast.”, said Lena Schaumann. Item data is synchronised within a few seconds and even error messages are dealt with quickly. No wish is left unfulfilled.

The concept was a recipe for success. In addition to their lamp store, they've already started an additional online store for selling mattresses. In the future, the company wants to apply this concept to further types of furniture as well.

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